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  1. Welcome! Your dime appears to have suffered some sort of environmental damage causing it to turn in color.
  2. This question comes up time and time again. I always enjoy reading the responses here, ATS, and elsewhere. The majority of the people who try to stick to PCGS seem to do so for the seemingly increasing advantage when it is time to sell.
  3. I find the idea of the debasement leading to more circulation, less hoarding very interesting.
  4. This is an example of those little things in life that may seem insignificant to some but are truly very precious. Thanks for sharing!
  5. I know this is a very late reply. I am just seeing this. My original observation about it being a type B was on my phone, and I admittedly should have looked closer. Seeing it on my PC today it is obviously not one. I am a little embarrassed, as type B reverse quarters are one of my favorite varieties in my favorite series. Anyways, thank you for posting that beautiful example so that everyone can see one.
  6. Very interesting and obviously a milestone moment. Here is a question which may be very obvious. Would a citizen at the time, seeing the coin for the first time, have immediately known who was depicted?
  7. As stated above, it is a nice quarter. It appears to be a type B reverse. As for your pictures, often times a cell is fine. If you are not already, make sure you are setting the phone on something and not just holding it so you eliminate any shake.
  8. Felicidades! A well-deserved Star. And some really good info in this thread.
  9. I know from reading coin forums for a few years that some dedicated coin collectors always search their pocket change diligently (like me) and some do not. I have a feeling that the W quarter program is getting not just non-collectors but collectors to search even if they never used to. That in itself is fun. However, I know some will just go ahead and buy an overpriced version on eBay. I will keep looking. I have read numerous people finding them just in reegular change from the store. I myself have only seen two 2019 quarters, and no W yet.
  10. Congratulations! That's amazing. And congratulations on having your little space. It's on my bucket list.
  11. Looks like fun. The last coin show I thought about going to, none of my three kids were interested in going with me. I started collecting too late I guess to interest them. Glad you are starting early!
  12. Sorry to hear that. I hope they can expedite the corrections.