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  1. If you are new to looking for errors, you can end up really "spinning your wheels". This is what I recommend. First, do some research online and understand how coins are made. Second, go to a website such as and take a look around. Instead of looking at one of your cents and just guessing that something is an error, first understand what types of errors are known to be found on each specific year/mm. Then look for those specifically. Yes, people sometimes discover errors on years/mm which weren't known to have them. But that is something that you cannot do until you really understand what to look for. Hope this helps!
  2. Any time you can get interesting silver pieces for basically melt it is a win. Thanks for sharing!
  3. I never knew what these were called. Learned something new. Thanks!
  4. Roger, I love your contributions. I haven't frequented here often, usually ATS, but I remembered you are here and your posts are a "must see".
  5. Leave it as is. It shows the proper age of the organization.
  6. Fascinating! I had never seen these before. Thanks for sharing!
  7. to read this. It is written so 'matter of fact'.
  8. I'd suggest taking it out of the 2x2 and taking a picture of it straight on with your phone as the best way to let others see it.
  9. Revenant. Congratulations on the anniversary! My wife and I will celebrate our twentieth this year. Marriage is a real treasure! SLQs are such an American classic. It just makes sense to have a nice example in your collection, even just as a stand alone piece. I do not own one, other than perhaps a dateless bullion example. But reading this has me thinking that I will put them back atleast into my collecting periphery.
  10. Iirc, the dies were worked on in 1960 ( please someone correct me if I am wrong) , meaning 1960 had a better chance of FBL than those coins minted in the last remaining years or just prior. So, as others have said, you should post the reverse to get opinions.
  11. I agree. The original packaging of these, maybe it qualifies as ephemera, is very interesting.
  12. Now that I am paying attention to it, I'm noticing it is always that exact price 18.50 for different coins when I see this occur.
  13. I see it often on world coins. I will find an example and post when I do. Thank you.