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  1. I will definitely be interested in hearing how the Kennedy identification, etc goes. I am a fan of such things.
  2. I really like this project. It's very important (as you know).
  3. I guess I missed it, but what kind of conservation are you having them do? Glad you are happy with the initial results.
  4. I own enough silver that it could be life changing if it skyrocketed, but unfortunately not that much, it would probably have to hit about $300 to do me any good. I sadly had to sell much of 90% and assorted silver for a huge emergency a while back, but I have no regrets. I was glad it was there, and it served its purpose.
  5. I hope the playroom updates prove fruitful and that the Air Bnb is a good one. Updates welcome...😂😂 I don't have any gold, let alone graded gold, but I've been inspired by your posting on this topic and may put it on the bucket list.
  6. Thank you for taking the time to write out this journal. It benefits all of us to see the thought processes of our fellow numismatists. This topic is an interesting one indeed. I just turned forty five. As a freshman in college, we were required to take a seminar on how to use the internet. I did not use the internet at all in HS for anything school or research related. I am saying these things to put my frame of reference into perspective for anyone reading this. If you had asked me ten years ago to discuss the ways in which the internet has impacted the world, I would be hard pr
  7. As I get older, and I go about life, I am thankful for the perspective, sympathy, and empathy I gain. It sounds like this person did not utilize these things. And it also sounds like you perhaps added to yours.
  8. Let me just take this moment to say that your idea for a custom set is very interesting. Well done!
  9. Thank you for the update. I hope you will share your results, and I hope they are good ones. Also, I really appreciate and relate to your experience here. Going through the collection, for any reason...but in your case to decide what to submit...helps us take another view of what we have and what we have for duplicates and how we are housing our coins, etc.
  10. I appreciate the comments from you guys, and I am actually surprised but happy to see this consensus opinion, letting me know I made a good choice. It may seem a trivial matter, but it isn't. And the comments here did a great job of further explaining why that it so. Sometime in March I should have some picture updates.
  11. I have decided that I am going to use non-Pvc flips,with inserts, for some of my re-organization/first organization of my collection. As I mentioned in my last journal, I have an eclectic, not too big assortment of world silver coins. The reason that I have these coins is that part of how I enjoy this hobby is by slowly perusing world silver junk bins. So I guess you could call these coins keepers, but for the most part not meant to be slabbed one day - whether for protection or investment. I currently have about half of these coins in 2x2s and half loose. For this part of my col
  12. I definitely always heard that saying. And I will admit that I tend to pick up change when I see it. I'm also the kind of guy who gets upset when I buy something for, say $2.01, hand the clerk $3., and have them give me a dollar back. Your thoughts made me remember something.....I used to, when seeing a penny face down, flip it and leave it for someone else to find. 😂😂
  13. I look forward to your future work documenting varieties, or whatever else, here. I honestly have not looked through the custom sets as much as I should. I will make it a point to do so.
  14. That's interesting. My wife is a teacher (High School, Spanish) and she occasionally records things for instructional purposes. I don't hear everything she does but hearing a recent recording I can tell that she sounds.....different, even better, more relaxed. My point being I can hear the positive difference from when she first started.
  15. It's been almost two years to the day since my first journal. For any Futurama fans out there, I was just practicing my dramatic........................................................................................................pause! Anyway... during the last two years I have come a long way in forming the direction my collecting takes, learned quite a bit about the hobby, and had some great experiences. A few days ago, I came to some realizations that go beyond collecting. First, that it is time to get organized. Second, that it is time to do more writing. As for the writing, the last