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  1. As stated above, it is a nice quarter. It appears to be a type B reverse. As for your pictures, often times a cell is fine. If you are not already, make sure you are setting the phone on something and not just holding it so you eliminate any shake.
  2. Felicidades! A well-deserved Star. And some really good info in this thread.
  3. I know from reading coin forums for a few years that some dedicated coin collectors always search their pocket change diligently (like me) and some do not. I have a feeling that the W quarter program is getting not just non-collectors but collectors to search even if they never used to. That in itself is fun. However, I know some will just go ahead and buy an overpriced version on eBay. I will keep looking. I have read numerous people finding them just in reegular change from the store. I myself have only seen two 2019 quarters, and no W yet.
  4. Congratulations! That's amazing. And congratulations on having your little space. It's on my bucket list.
  5. Looks like fun. The last coin show I thought about going to, none of my three kids were interested in going with me. I started collecting too late I guess to interest them. Glad you are starting early!
  6. Sorry to hear that. I hope they can expedite the corrections.
  7. I am a member of four coin forums. They are all a little different and offer their unique experiences. Sometimes I go to each a little everyday, sometimes none, sometimes one. It offers variety.
  8. I am pretty new here, but on a couple forums where I have been active I run across names like that. I also wonder about this. It is just human nature to be curious, as it is to disappear. I assume many give up the hobby, and others no longer post but keep collecting.
  9. These look like privately issued bullion rounds. I do not know if NGC would grade these, but imo they would not be worth the fee.
  10. Sounds like a great day! I have not bought anything yet from an auction house. Your experience sounds like a good one. Congratulations!!
  11. The collector in me says: Only show him one- so you can keep the other in the cardboard.
  12. Thanks for sharing. Great news about the surgery going well. I love those tokens. If I had been in your shoes I would have got them too.