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  1. R_H_R, Im really not sure why you feel you are entitled to tell me or anyone else what they NEED to b doing .obviously I did explore for a while as i was able to post and maybe if u could learn only a modicum of the everyday life skills it takes to try to be informative or helpful Wich by the way u were would see that my question was under newbie questions therefore informing u that I probably would not be up to par with seasoned collectors I am not trying to make a career if this not a hobby I simply had several coins that I would like to know about not be talked to like some ignorant , un educated or less than for trying to gain knowledge.if u were to come to one of my stove or kitchen ware forums and some one spoke to u in that way they would have been disciplined thank you,you errogant jerk but i will ask about the rest of the coins some where else !!
  2. Hello I'm sorry I don't know if I'm doing this rite. I just HV coins I HV been wondering about like a 1903 Indian Head it common bc the guy at the coin store rolled his eyes at me ???