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  1. I agree, and the customer service from PCGS is not very helpful. I recently spent over $500 trying to have a coin graded and the metallurgic composition tested. Long story short, I ended up breaking it out of the slab and sent it to NGC! They are so nice and helpful, it is currently being finalized by the President/Mint Error Specialist! I’m so excited! PCGS gave me grading vouchers after I called them complaining about the issue. I have a 1948 D Lincoln Penny that weighs 2.7g (graders weight 2.8g) 94% copper 6% zinc PCGS grade - XF40BN NCG grade - XF45BN huge difference!!!! I went round and round with the customer service reps at PCGS trying to find out how to have the composition tested to no avail... I am definitely a “new” numismatist! I appreciate your response Tom, and I totally agree with you.
  2. I’m a “New”mismatist!!!

  3. Why does PCGS grade lower than NGC? Are NGC graded coins less valuable even with a higher grade?
  4. 1948 D Lincoln Cent 2.7g

    94% Copper 6% Zinc

    Graded XF40BN by PCGS

    Graded XF45BN by NGC

    Information needed and appreciated!0E459A7A-D026-421F-8FD0-8E6AC8CFAB74.thumb.jpeg.6ef1233e74378bba376afddf1f3cf2ed.jpeg