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  1. So I found a 1972, it's a bit off center,and on the reverse "of" is very weak almost non-existent in comparison to United States. 

    Is this anything worth checking out further?

  2. 25 minutes ago, Mohawk said:

    Hello and welcome!

    I sell a lot of modern US coins and I can tell you that you have a regular business strike 1979-S Anthony Dollar that is circulated.  While most post-1968 San Francisco coins are proofs, the San Francisco Mint struck business strike Anthony Dollars in 1979, 1980 and 1981, though the 1981 coins were only included in collector sets.  The Blob S is the only mint mark style known for 1979-S business strike dollars and they are extremely common.  The proofs for 1979 have two mint mark styes, the blob S which is known as the Type 1 and a clear, crisp S known as the Type 2.  The clear S is only found on Proofs, which your coin is not.  It's just worth face value.

    Thank you