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  1. Thank You for sharing this post and so happy to hear that all is going well with Sam. What a magical day at the Tastiest Place On Earth. I think you may stimulate a run on Chuck E tokens, are they really just plastic? And more importantly, what are you thinking they will grade at, when you submit them?
  2. LOL, they would not have fooled anyone but it was still kind of fun.
  3. When we were kids, we took steel cents, wrapped them in aluminum foil with a bath of Mercurochrome and then heated the whole thing on a hot plate. We would then have manufactured our own very poorly plated copper 1943 cents. Science is wonderful.
  4. You are a collector in the purist sense of the word. I know you appreciate the increase in value of your tokens but I also believe you collect them primarily to preserve their history and to keep them extant for future generations.
  5. On a related note, if I make an offer and it is not accepted or if a counter is made, I do not buy, instead I keep following, see if it sells. If it does not but is relisted, I continue to follow, in a small number of times, I end up buying less than my original offer. Of course, making sure I am still on the right side of the, then, current market.
  6. Very nice picture, nothing to add as Condor101 diagnosed it perfectly.
  7. I always love the framed displays, just perfect for home office or business office. Kudos Karen, you should be very proud.
  8. I would assume most dealers would only consider arranging to slab a coin to enhance its auctionability only if a. it is an established rarity with value substantially above a common coin of the same type or b. if they, in their professional opinion, believe even a relatively common coin is going to slab at a high grade. Like JKK says, consult with a dealer.
  9. I think you are on to something, the average collector is probably yearning for the kind of coin that gives them excitement without having to reach deep into their wallet, at least initially. The W Cent(s) is fairly easily obtained, has a certain cachet about it, and are attached to sets that several million people would have bought anyway. Now the Mint will sell a few more million sets, will get a lot of press for a few months, and will make a lot of collectors happy. Some collectors will look at this with a great deal of cynicism, some will embrace it. Since it will not compel me to buy any of the 3 associated sets, I guess I am in the somewhere in-between.
  10. I am not quite that cynical, I think it is a sincere effort on the part of the Mint to stimulate sales of their basic sets. It will probably work, but like Mohawk stated earlier, it will probably result in future overreach of the same method.
  11. I enjoy collecting raw coins in albums or folders. I just completed a Newfoundland Type Set in a Whitman Folder and am 2 coins away from completing a small Canadian Cent folder. Slabs are great but I like raw coins just as much.
  12. As you're all aware, the US Mint is giving us all an incentive to purchase their proof sets, and uncirculated set in the form of 3 different Lincoln Cents with a West Point Mint Mark. One of the W Lincolns, standard proof, is already in the wild and will soon be slabbed by the tens of thousands, the other two, a reverse proof, and an uncirculated version. This is a very smart marketing decision by the Mint, they have guaranteed themselves higher sales for each of the three sets and they have also created some needed excitement in the collecting world. My problem, and I speak only for myself, is the idea that the mint is creating a scarce (rare) coin in an unnatural way. When you look at the history of the Lincoln Cent, certain rarities stand out, the 09-S VDB, the 22 w/o visible mintmark, the 55 Double Die and a few others. In each case, some unplanned set of circumstances led to the creation of the rarity, it did not occur due to some prior decision by the Mint. Now obviously the W Cents are going to have a mintage of several million for each coin, but most collectors of the W Cent will want all three and, at least in the early stages, these Cents are going to be pricey. How high they go and how far they eventually drop is something I cannot speculate about. I do want to get one of them or my Lincoln Type Set, representing another mintmark, but I am going to be patient and wait for that, hopefully, large drop. So Mint, please do not start making this a habit, I don't want to see a series of W nickels next year, etc.
  13. Very sorry to hear about your current finances. It is truly a shame that something like Medicare for All is not available in this country. Keep your chin up and maybe spend the time while unable to add significantly to your collection by increasing your knowledge so when you are able to return to buying, you will be an even better informed collector. I hope all goes well with your Children, they truly are a blessing in our lives.
  14. Wow, that is amazing rainbow hues. BTW, what is a Battle Creek Morgan vice a regular Morgan? NVR Mind, I googled it and got the whole story. Now I want one.