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  1. What would you do if you sent this coin to a TPG, and it came back misattributed like this? Just curious to hear your thoughts.
  2. to add more reference; take a look at my 1794 "head of 94" i have; see which it matches: (sorry if my pic sucks ) haha
  3. im not sure it is. if you look at the contour of the forehead to nose, it matches the head of 94 more. more like the slope of the head of 94. the hair at the end curls more like a hook than a c, like the head of 95. the head of 95 seems more like a "wider face", with a different angle. EAC members who specialize in LCs would be appreciated, but i am pretty sure it is a head of 94. lets just see. Conder101 if you're around , please take a look.
  4. Haha, yea i know it is a real "1794". however for liberty cap large cents, there are three distinct head varieties of 1794. the head of 93, head of 94, and head of 95. take a look at the pictures of it. take note of the facial features and hairstyle. which does it look more like to you? cheers
  5. Cant believe this thread has been going for 13 years. anyway, here you go; 1794 head of 93 s-18b net eac ag3(the one with the shawn yancey card), and that s19b is coming on monday; 1794 head of 93 s19b, fine details net eac g4. (first coin listed; with the documents from 1975)
  6. It says head of 95, but isnt it head of 94? pcgs graded this for your info. what are your thoughts?
  7. Results as shown: looks really nice, good job to anyone who guessed it right (or close to as well, haha) cheers
  8. Hi, Yeah it is an S-42. it came back xf details, with pitting being noted. yea it wasnt cleaned, and it is a truly beautiful coin. i really love liberty caps in general, especially the overall condition is really nice(just pitted, not really corroded per se), likely due to the low quality of copper they used back then. sorry conder101, my pictures are kinda crappy, my apologies. they seem kind of similar to me in person, the color/toning , just that the rare 37 has more wear, thus more yellowish copper color. that is a truly amazing coin, and it does have nicer , more smooth surfa
  9. updated clearer pics (link to mervis s37)
  10. From the Mervis Collection, i found a s-37 that has the patina a look like mine, maybe my pics arent that good with reflection, but this one is described as a "deep cameo blue". it looks like mine, but gets a straight grade (granted mine has pitting, but we are talking about cleaning). what you think?
  11. Hi, Yes, I am not so sure about cleaning. Unless he can state why. I do not think the wear on her hair is indicative of cleaning, nor is there any other indication of, nor scratches or dipping, but I 100% agree with pitting. correct, you're right by the way! It is that variety. You seem to know early copper well & it seems Conder101 does as well. I don't know if he knows well about EAC, but he seems to know a lot in general, so kudos to you sir. I think it will come back XF details, if it comes back AU details I will be blessed! However I am not sure it will, that is best