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  1. I literally just found this like an hour ago and was reading an saw your post and as soon as I posted the 70 s I found 71 s with same exact error for some reason it won't let me post the other pics
  2. I couldn't even tell you every time I think I find something and I'm like this is Def a good one all these people on here tell me it's nothing and really destroy all my lil excitement I had so I don't know
  3. It is def doubling i will get a microscope so i can take better pics for u but it is def struck lower than the top eight an on back there is doubling as well where can i go have them looked at
  4. Doesany one know about these coins notice the doubling real strong on the 8 and 9 and on back on united states of America is this anything special im new to this and just looking for advice