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  1. Yeah that was my fear. I’m going to post a few more pictures of the other coins I have (ones he sold me). Then I’m likely going to talk with this guy. If these are fake as well I have no doubt he knows. Stupid me obviously but it was either an honest mistake and he didn’t know or he’s been doing this for a while. It couldn’t have come at a worse time for me personally. I guess it’s a lesson well learned however. If you know someone is selling fake coins isn’t that something you can report?
  2. Yeah that was my fear. Based on the white and non yellowed holders with finger prints. One would assume that they would also turn grey if the coins themselves turned grey. Outside of the visual aspects is there anything else I should do to be sure? What would your advice be?
  3. I don’t t know why I said kept in a stove next to the wood burner. He said kept in a safe which was next to the wood burner.
  4. Do these look authentic or at least authentic enough that I shouldn’t have them sitting on my table at home? Lol. I know gold coins a little bit. As I had previously mentioned I buy and sell Jewlery and watches. Dealing with those I’ve just happened into a few coins here and there. Until I met this guy and I bought everything he has. What’s your guys thoughts?
  5. Thanks you so much for taking the time to answer. So I actually posted these ones first. Some commons. I have about 80 or so others. I have a 1796 with pole etc. this guy was adamant about me keeping them as a collector. Supposedly his father spent 30 years in the cia and collected coins as his hobby. I paid everything I had in my pocket which was about $2,143.00 dollars. His story seemed simple enough to believe and they looked old enough to fit the part but I just don’t know. There are so many con men out there that you just can’t ever be to sure. His family owned a serous of trailers and he was living in one where I also drove to pick them up. Not that a trailer should make me suspect but it’s kind of just the whole situation. I bought like 5 different type of coins and each has the complete series of coins. I can’t speak for condition other than I’m amazed at how well I can see them being that some of the half cents are from the late 1700’s.
  6. Hello everyone and thank you in advance to anyone who takes the time to reply to this. I’m a new collector and have been trying to get into buying and selling some coins here and there. I typically buy and sell watches and jewelry and just kind of happened to fall into this a bit by default when dealing with jewelry. I recently came across a guy with who I purchased a large collection of large cent, half cent, shield nickles, 1931s and 1922 no d. Everything seemed to line up with his story and why he was selling. However after I left I really questioned the authenticity of what I bought. Mainly because some of these coins have a pretty high value. Anyhow I’m going to post a few here and see what everyone has to say. Thanks again. If I need clearer pictures please let me know. The coins have black sutte on them because according to him they were kept in a stove next to a wood burner. Do these appear to be authentic?