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  1. I should have done this sooner, there is one day left on this. ******Uncirculated Morgan Dollars****** 1978-CC 1921-P 1921-P 1921-P 1921-P 1889-P 1889-P 1887-P 1886-P ****BU Gold Pieces $2.5 Dollars**** 1927 1925-D 1911 Morgans that range from G to AU are as follows; 1892-S 1899-S 1881-O 1882-O 1884-P 1885-O 1886-P 1888-O 1892-O 1896-P 1899-O 1900-O 1900-O 1900-O AG 1921-D 1918 Walking Liberty Half that was preciously listed, it is more than likely cleaned, but the condition is fantastic. PEACE DOLLAR 1923 Ike Dollar NGC at MS67, made of 40% silver. 4 SEATED LIBERTY DIMES 2 of which i believe to be in the top 100 variety listing (example 1882-P, 'broken 2') 1853 with a high left arrow, 1891 and 1888. World coins from Great Britain, Ireland. Germany, Dominican Republic, Canada and a couple countries in South America. Liberty V Nickels consist of 1912-D, 1911, 1898, and another that is in pretty poor condition in which i cannot read the year. Either 1885 or 1887. 1864 2 cent The 1963-D Franklin has a really neat reverse. Pretty sure its machine doubling, however it still is pretty awesome as it is just about clearly shown on all the letters. 1901-P Barber Quarter possibly cleaned (prior to me having it. I would not dare). There is a poor condition draped bust large cent from 1800, early date buffalo's and Poor condition 1857 flying eagle cent There is also a Buffalo Nickel, some wheat pennies and some Indian head cents included too. 2 Ike dollars
  2. That would make better sense, how do I do that?
  3. I had a buyer not commit to about three coins so I relisted them with a portion of my collection all together in the same listing. Uncirculated Morgans, Uncirculated Carson City, key date 1892-S Morgan, decent date Gold pieces $2.5 Indians
  4. I had a buyer not commit to about three coins so I relisted them with a portion of my collection all together in the same listing. Gold Indians to wheat pennies
  5. I thought copper pennies weighed 3.11 grams?
  6. I have a penny form 1938 that weighs 2.94 grams. What does this mean? Other than I have a penny that weighs 2.94 grams?
  7. Only 3 hours left!!!!
  8. 2 days left
  9. I'm not sure what I have here. There's these little hairline things, I have seen them on a VAM but can't remember what they are called or what variety one would see them on. Any little bit of info could help. I'm fairly certain it's not cleaned which was my original guess.