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  1. It does have some doubling machine doubling.. Lower the light and settings you shall see what I machine.
  2. What goes on in the grading room stays in the grading roomπŸ•Ί
  3. With that being said, im now a multiple millionaire and im still arguing with some ! Why im unsure of.
  4. No matter what color breed ext if anybody finds a 12.5 million dollar coin u must know what your doing in the coin world. (Just saying)
  5. Proves im a tad bit more seasoned on coins then you all thought. 😎That's all.
  6. Too all who laughed its my turn now😎😘 but I am not one to criticize people so good luck to all!
  7. Keep hunting you'll find one. πŸ˜‰ Possibilities possibilities 😁
  8. Don't wash anything, Except your hands after searching. Good luck.πŸ˜‰