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  1. Currently, the bulk of the hobby budget is going towards grading, much less going to acquiring. But you're right, the hunt is where the fun is...
  2. I have over 100 Morgan's in my collection and I don't have an '88 S
  3. I'll take a stab at it. I'm going to assume what you're calling cull coins most everyone else calls junk silver, coins with little or no collector value, dates worn completely off, little to no detail left on either side. Those are worth buying strictly for their silver content or melt value. The wife and I have been to a couple of coin shows this year and there are dealers selling them by the baggie full.
  4. The PCGS Coinfacts page is very helpful - thanks.
  5. I have an 1878 8TF Vam 2 - NGC 60 coming back to me. I cannot find a value for this coin. As was suggested in the Red Book thread, I checked CDN Grey Sheet, Ebay Sold, and Great Collections auction archives. I hope this link thing works so you know I'm not making it up: Any other resources to check, thanks.
  6. I got this at a coin show in March, just got it back today from NGC:
  7. I didn't want to start a new thread for a penny, but I found this over the weekend metal detecting in my backyard. I'm pretty sure it's a 1947 D:
  8. I was at the bank today at lunch time, guy bought two BOXES of quarters from the teller, wasn't shy about telling everyone what he was after...
  9. Cool story but the real question is: did your mom buy the penny album or did she make you spend your allowance?
  10. I always use the little post office priority box, comes with a tracking number so you can check the USPS site for delivery updates. From Ohio to Florida in the priority box has been as quick as two days, been as long as five if you throw weekend in there. To your question, I've noticed a two to three day delay between the delivery date on the USPS site and received date on the NGC submission tracking page.
  11. I bought a flying eagle cent back in the '70's from a coin shop my dad would would visit every once in a while. They had a bid board - still open today, still go there regularly in Dayton, Ohio. It had been drilled to be worn like a necklace, little to no collector value, got it for $2 or $3, gave it to a coin collecting friend when we moved a few years later from the suburbs to the sticks.
  12. Yep - my last ten coin submission took thirty-four calendar days.