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  1. Found two of the bookshelf albums, that's the one I still need...
  2. Hey Guys - I appreciate the feedback. Wording the search correctly netted me some results. Ebay UK has options that I'm considering, would really like to find those nice bookshelf albums.
  3. I love these large coins, want to start an album, can't find one. I have several dating 1914 through 1966. Does anyone in the community know if there is a manufacturer out there and where I might find them, new or used?? Thanks.
  4. I'll spare you the back story and ask this of the group. Is this double headed half dollar legit?? We can't find anything on the internet or Ebay and we can't find any obvious signs of a 'counterfeit' mint error. The only reason I included a picture of the side was because whatever the marking is on the Kennedy side extends into the reeded edge. Thanks - Scott.
  5. Currently, the bulk of the hobby budget is going towards grading, much less going to acquiring. But you're right, the hunt is where the fun is...
  6. I have over 100 Morgan's in my collection and I don't have an '88 S
  7. I'll take a stab at it. I'm going to assume what you're calling cull coins most everyone else calls junk silver, coins with little or no collector value, dates worn completely off, little to no detail left on either side. Those are worth buying strictly for their silver content or melt value. The wife and I have been to a couple of coin shows this year and there are dealers selling them by the baggie full.
  8. I have an 1878 8TF Vam 2 - NGC 60 coming back to me. I cannot find a value for this coin. As was suggested in the Red Book thread, I checked CDN Grey Sheet, Ebay Sold, and Great Collections auction archives. I hope this link thing works so you know I'm not making it up: Any other resources to check, thanks.
  9. I got this at a coin show in March, just got it back today from NGC:
  10. I didn't want to start a new thread for a penny, but I found this over the weekend metal detecting in my backyard. I'm pretty sure it's a 1947 D: