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  1. Whatever it is, I'm sure that it's not worth getting excited about.
  2. May be referring to having to send submissions via registered mail? Just a guess.
  3. You've definitely got good taste, because that coin sure is a standout. I'm starting to think that you should have bid a little bit higher!
  4. Sorry for your loss, Physics-fan. It really was a pretty piece of gold, but I'd be willing to bet that there's a better one out there, just for you.
  5. I'm glad to hear that NGC was able to relieve you of some of your pain. All the best to you, and yours.
  6. It's amazing what a brain that's being kept alive in a jar can do.
  7. Congratulations to all of the winners. I'm hoping to, some day, start a set of my own.
  8. I just can't stand it when a seller doesn't take the time to package an item properly. It's really disappointing to see an item that you've searched for, spent good money on, and then waited patiently for, get destroyed because of careless packing. It's like once they get your money, they could care less what happens, afterwards. What they do not seem to understand, is that the item is still theirs until the buyer accepts, and is satisfied with it.
  9. I hope that the seller does right by you, Zebo. If he refuses to, maybe post his seller name, here, so that we all know who NOT to buy from?
  10. Send him a link to this thread, and then see what happens. If he still refuses your offer, neg. him.
  11. You're welcome. I had to pause the video to see the grade. Really nice coin.
  12. Open the video in a browser, and then copy and paste the address into your message. Also, you can click on the "share" button/arrow in the upper right hand corner of the actual video, and then copy and paste the link that appears. I'm no expert, but both methods work for me. Then again, I'm using a computer so those methods may not work when using a not-so-smartphone? If you've already tried my suggestions, disregard this post. This coffee sure does taste good this morning. Black Rifle coffee. I highly recommend it!