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  1. I don't see any other doubling except that location. The columns on that side of memorial looks doubled. Could this be called a split plate doubling. I'm confused lol.
  2. Hey again, thought I would share this one also. If you look at the second pic there's a crack at the bottom left corner of the memorial.
  3. Hi, I feel like I found a rpm on a zinc penny. This penny is beat up though. so I know there's no premium. But thought I would share.
  4. Hey everybody, I went on the variety vista and there's tons of these on there. But can't quite pick witch one mine would prefer to. I looked at the NGC varietypluse site but they have no 1945 S/S. When I first seen this , I was thinking MD. But it's close to the one's in variety vista. Hmmmm. What would be your thoughts. Thanks.
  5. The B in pluribus is missing. Also a little MD going on. I apologize again , I get kinda confused between over polishing die and grease filled die.
  6. Thank you kbbpll, difently keepers, really interesting talk pieces.
  7. Hey everyone, I'm looking at the 1943 p nickel 3 over 2 in the red book and this one in the pic looks the same. You see the tail behind the three. And when you zoom in on it it looks like a 2 under the three or something double. I could be wrong, but interesting. It's pretty worn but maybe you guy's can help with information on this one.
  8. So are these just errors or are they variatietys. I'm not seeing anything by searching these on line. But I put them in 2x2 flips for safe keeping.
  9. What people would do to scam for money. Lol.
  10. You can see something going on, to the third column over on left side of Lincoln. At the bottom corner.
  11. I apologize everyone, it's not raised it is smooth. Just the outer of the location is some what raised. But by looking at the coin and if you look at the first pic, there are line streaks all around the location and happens to go through the somewhat mint mark. So its making me wonder if it was done on purpose. How weird though. Hmmmm
  12. I have two more puzzling ones for us. Lol. I found the 68 about a month ago but didn't think much of it. But found the 66 today and it looks the same . Could this be a die chip. This is kinda strange. It's the next column over to the right of Lincoln at the top.
  13. Idk, but I'm thinking someone was trying to do a counterfeit. But if you look closely looks like an S in the D or whatever it is. Interesting wow. It feels raised but not much. What would be your thoughts. There's not supposed to be mint mark on a 67. Or did the mint possibly make a mistake and try to toss it but indent up in circulation. Hmmmm
  14. Idk, but I'm thinking this possibly took a hit. I looked at the varieties vista but couldn't come up with anything.