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  1. This was before my time, doing research Louis and Clark, and Henry Wade I think is the hardest to find. I guess the game was played if you purchased fuel at any shell station they hand you a token. Different set are 1000 dollars, 500 dollars ect... and also instant winners tokens. There were 24 or 26 different famous American people on the tokens. Your right it's an interesting piece thanks. I know I might be out of my league here but I just found these two tokens in this pic being different. The letter L is position different above he's hair . If anyone has any thoughts on this let me know, I love to learn.
  2. Thought I would share, going through a bag of old 1968 shell oil tokens and only came up with this error. 90% was made with the misprinted "Clarke" which the scarce one was made with the correct name. Pretty cool to have these. It's amazing when you come across stuff you never knew was out there.
  3. I've been working on this one for the pass few days. I saw the doubling at first glance by looking at this in hand. Easley seen before doing close ups. I'm still baffled on this and want to say die deterioration doubling. But by looking at the E the doubling goes straight down the back of it, and then under the E. You can see little on the P. Also the dot west of the E. Maybe I can get a little info on this piece at what I'm seeing here thanks.
  4. I might be silly on this one too. Could this be PMD or die chips. Hmmm interesting. I think the 2 might have been squished.
  5. Thanks Coinbuf, I'm thinking PMD too.
  6. I was reading and getting other opinions on line/forum. And came a cross someone calling there coin a RIDB that was going through the hair of the obverse. Idk but was researching RIDB and came up that if it is a RIDB that it's not an error but variety. I do a bunch of reading and research through other professionals like wexler's, Ken potter ect... I stay away from YouTube theres so much false information on there. I just figured out a couple years ago to read and get better understanding what I have. But read from the right ones. And of course you guy's in here. Like I said before there's alot of reading in this hobby. Thanks
  7. I looked on variety vista, they only have two to go by. This one is going northwest. But I might be wrong on this whole thing. I wanna say it took a slight hit, but the S is still round where the extra particle is. Hmmm
  8. Could this be a RIDB=retained internal die break, or just a die crack/die chips. Any info would be appreciated thanks.
  9. I know it's impossible, but that is really darng close. I'll just say it, close but no cigar.
  10. We're tiny, we're tooney, we're all a little looney. Ahahahah What's up Doc.
  11. Didn't know there where value in these. I guess collectors are into play money also. After doing some research, I'm going to look for the other's. Interesting.
  12. That's the closest I can get to a 52. Happy Birthday to ya and have a wonderful day.
  13. I would say MD and erosion. I have one similar to that. That would be my guess, witch I was told on mine. But maybe someone might know different.