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  1. I'll explain the serious part a little bit better. When I get in some of these post and see people asking about there coin, and you guy's tell them what happened to it, they get mad. Specially when they don't get the right response. And then there arguing and fighting with you guy's tooth to nail. Until Somebody actually gets in there and tells them just give it up, it's a damage coin. It's really cracks me up, and that's funny. I almost did that with Greenstang at one point on a quarter. But I had to back off and realize he's been doing this alot longer than I have. I'm glad I did because he was right. Life's to short to be serious all the time.
  2. Yeah, I was just being funny. I seen tripling and thought it would be something cool. Lol.😁😎 trying to throw some sarcasm out there. I try to keep it fun, just because I know alot of people takes this hobby really serious.
  3. Hi crawtomatic, listen to what you said that it's not a double chin. Well I went ahead and rubbed the heck out of it, to see if I can take it off. But didn't come off . So I took a toothpick and gently went across the doubling part and felt grooves. Like driving a car going over speed bumps lol. Idk I should have left it alone put it in a 2x2 flip. But you can tell it's been messed with, but still kind of looks the same. I just wanted to check because its pretty much a damage coin anyway. Thought I would let you know.
  4. I'm seeing tripling in the A of states. But what's odd is there's no doubling on the whole reverse and obverse. And if you look at the left on the T ,it has has a marking of a A in it and a little bit on the S. If I'm understanding this correctly isn't all the letters supposed to be shifted. Maybe someone in here can explain it to me better.
  5. Hi everyone, I feel like some are wondering what Hinkle is doing or thinking when posting certain coins on here. Well I'm looking strongly for the varieties that are in the red book and also on the NGC varietypluse. But also finding odd ball ones that I come across. When I started a year and half ago, I was reading up on some past news here on NGC site. I learned a lot by reading the news, little things like a red book and learning about collecting. When I'm reading the news I try to see a picture on what the hosts are wanting to see in the hobby ,and how they want people to succeed. I would post certain articles ,but I feel if someone wants to know what I'm reading they can read up on it and get the same understanding I am. Like it states in the ad that they get excited looking for new discoveries. Now I might be wrong but that says alot. Maybe I'm thinking different when there saying that ,but possibly be talking about something other. And also an article saying they want people to be patient on going forward in the hobby when buying and investing ect. I feel I'm like the odd one here because I'm reading all this and somewhat catching on what there wanting to see in the hobby. A month after I started I found a really good example of mr Lincoln on zinc. I keep this coin in front of me when I'm roll hunting. I'm aware alot of people aren't into modern coins. But just understanding zinc coins better. As there are alot in circulation. I could have posted this coin way back but didn't because it's damage. There's a rpm but possibly gas bubble. Clearly see some kind of doubling under chin its raised you can see the groves of the doubling .but possibly MD. Die crack from eye to the back of head. Possibly gas bubble burst through circulation. And a die crack through his chest. Witch looks like some kind of gas bubble. And alot of corrosion on the coin. I'm not saying a 100 but 90 percent chance if I cleaned this coin it would show alot of people what I'm seeing. But last for most Lincoln is sticking his tongue out to everyone. But that's probably a air bubble. His lip isn't supposed to be sticking out that far. All I'm saying is anything is possible. Here's a pic on my interesting piece.
  6. Just found this one to. Couldn't find anything on a 1991 penny double ear. But thought I would share. Right at the bottom of ear lobe.
  7. Thanks crawtomatic, I really look for the varieties. But I come across ones that look like one there saying on variety vista and what to look for. I also look through The NGC varietyplus. But what I'm trying to say though is like an example the 1996 d double I posted a couple of hours ago. I looked in the red book and seen a 1995 DD but no pics. I went on line to see what it looks like on a 95. And my 96 d looks just like it. What I'm saying is I'm defently looking for the varieties,but I'm finding some examples on other years. I know collectors are looking for errors in high grade coins. So I know if I found that one that nobody expected to be out there, it's not going to be very valuable because it's been through circulation. I try to change it up sometimes when I'm hunting. I'll keep hunting for that cool one.
  8. Came across this one. I'm pretty sure this is doubling. Under chin and the tip front of hair.
  9. I have another interesting one. Looked on variety vista but nothing on a 1998 d rpm. Was looking through some of the other years that had rpm, but nothing that looks like this. It looks like it kinda touches the bottom of the 9, but not really an out line of a full d. This one kind of looks horizontal. It's another interesting one. There's also something going on with that MM.
  10. Hi everyone, I post a 1984 d rpm that looked odd to me. But I wanted to post this one I found to figure out what is making the coin look like that. Just didn't want to make it sound like I'm crazy and just posting anything. But looks like the same kind of strike. Everyone probably thinking the 84 d is a damage coin. But if so this 96 d probably is also. Hmmmm weird. Lol and this one is all over the date and lettering.
  11. Hmmmm, interesting. I don't think my coin is a proof. I think it's a regular business strike.
  12. Don't know for sure if this is a rpm or a split plate double. But really interesting. Never know if you don't ask right. You guy's are great. thanks for your time helping with my coins. It's much appreciated.