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  1. Thanks tom, I see doubling on states, America, and dollar.
  2. Hey everyone, found this quarter which has doubling on America and the d mint mark. What would be your suggestion on this one. I also have a 1962 d quarter with possibly rpm.
  3. Trying to figure out the three,and also if that is a die chip above the three. The bottom of the S looks off. Idk interesting. What's your thoughts. 🤔
  4. Exactly, I call it the eye check. Went over it once then twice, and said cool.
  5. Hahahaha, thought this would be cool to post. By looking at other coins, Its normal/common . Some will see the NI, some will see the M. Some will probably see both lol.
  6. Some of doublings I find is really interesting. This doubling shifts to the same direction. Uhmm, really fun to find these.
  7. I was looking over them and all I seen was a D mint mark that resembles a pac man going for a dot in the bunch. Lol. Referring to the very bottom left coin.🤔
  8. Thank you Bob, I was really excited to come across this one. I've seen some really big clipped ones on line, but never thought I would have one. But I'm still hunting for some more cool ones. 🧐😁
  9. Thanks guy's, really finding something like is cool. But every one talks about a pac man, Well I feel that's probably the closest to a pac man you might see on a coin. Especially something that resembles eating the dot, which was mentioned in my 1969 post. But I do know there's no such thing as a pac man error. But still hunting for some more cool errors.
  10. Right, it threw me off too on this one. Because when you don't see other doubling just the mint mark, you would think it's a rpm. By looking at it it's going south west. Interesting, and looking at others in the link I went into this one for sure looks like an rpm. I feel some you would have to have a microscope to see and some would be an obvious look in normal pics. It's pretty cool looking though.
  11. Now I just found a 1972, that is just funny. I know it's a slightly die chip. But that is so cool. 😁😎