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  1. This is the last, just went through 3 rolls of Steele's. Is this considered strike doubling and or die erosion doubling. I couldn't help showing this.
  2. Thank you greenstang, I have another one but the reverse is going the other way. Does that make a difference. Just wondering.
  3. Hello everyone, came across this and thought I would share. I'm trying to figure out exact how many degrees this is rotated. I was hoping someone might know. Thanks
  4. I know this might be pushing it on this coin , but is that a die crack in the middle of his head, right below the crease line of his hair. Trying to figure that out to. Hmmm
  5. I wanna say DDO, but I'm feeling I'm seeing die deterioration doubling. Either way I hope I'm right. If that's a double eye I'm going to be shocked
  6. I came across this one also ,thought I can get some thought on this coin. I know to look for the varieties but cant help seeing something like this. Thanks
  7. Just curious does die clashes have to be major in order for it to be really valuable. Because I put a few really minor ones in my collection just to say I have them. I'm also wondering if the have to be certain dates. This one is under his chin. Thanks
  8. Your right bob, I didn't see that. Good eye. And it matches with the line. Maybe I need to scope the coin's better. My bad.
  9. True, sorry for that, yes it's in the coin not raised. So that would have taken a hit through circulation right. It's just odd the way it looks and how it goes from collar straight down perfectly on the back. Hmmm
  10. Hi Coinbuf, what's a better option to get a better photo. Should I zoom in on my scope and get a better close up. Idk if that will work but it might. Thanks
  11. Hello, I'm not for sure on this one , if it is damaged or a mint error. If this took a hit through circulation, than that was a even hit. But I'm looking at the crease and lines on Lincoln's coat and thinking it was a mint error. Idk, maybe you can let me know more about it. Thanks
  12. Hi everyone, I think I'm on to something here. It looks kind of doubling I see on variety vista. Could this be the one to say it's a DDO. Hmmm.
  13. Ahahahah, nice title name right. The S is very low on this coin, actually touching the rim. I know they were hand punched . And also slightly being differently placed. But this one is obviously Surfing the rim. It looks like the rim was folded over because tip's of the date are missing. Idk, I could be wrong. Any suggestions would be appreciated on this. Thanks
  14. Ahahahah lol, it's all good. I get those alot.
  15. Hi greenstang, I'm doing some research on a few of the coin's I posted and I believe this coin isn't upside down. I believe the date is supposed to be on top. Here's a pic.