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  1. I have a 2017 d penny that appears normal but the light hit it a certain way and revealed some extra letters so I took a closer look and it has the same pattern flipped upside down same I'm looking more at it and there are a few miniature s's scattered around and and a miniature d...what category would it fall under or be called? I was trying to take pictures but my phone doesn't zoom in to clearly ...I might be able to get part of the scroll on reverse
  2. I found this 1973 d penny was wondering if it's an error coin or if it's worth 1 cent the stairs on reverse are bowed ....any value ? Or worth face
  3. Curious if this is normal copper showing through on nickel
  4. Thanks I'm gonna get this down to a science
  5. It looks to me like it's a repunched mint mark to the sw side of mint
  6. I'll throw it out sorry for waisting your time just I just tricking my eyes to see it or is it something of value or worth grading?
  7. I guess it's a possibility I'm looking to close
  8. I could only get the first 0 to come out so itd be a 20020 p quarter sorry
  9. I'll take better pics of it when I get off work
  10. Ok well I dont collect anything specific ...I have posted coins on here before and found out they were just regular coins ...the date on this one is repeated 2002 3 times 2002002002 the corner of Washington's forehead has a bald spot until coin is turned then fills in, the "p" is doubled over itself, it appears to have doubling on top of Washington's nose upper lip and chin , also upper lip is connected straight to the nose and that's doubled, i can keep going ........
  11. That was supposed to
  12. DD multi denom planchet errors rare find no idea what's all wrong w it but any idea on wth I should do with it .....grade it? Trash it?any value ? Or am I just still being a rookie? I took 100 pictures of this coin....hopefully not for funnnnn any input would be helpful ....even if its "GET OFF OUR SITE QUIT WAISTING OUR TIME"...thanks