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  1. I am freaking out over here I believed if your 1982 weighs different it's worth money I have four 1982s I just got a scale two are 2. Whatever and two are 3. Whatever . Did I finally get something good ? These weigh 2.5 These weigh 3.1
  2. I have a $5 bill 66066600 I have heard these sell in auctions too are the graded like coins please forgive me if this is not to be asked in this chat board. It's a five from 2003 omg my nail polish is aweful too.
  3. I wonder mostly what coins I should have graded would something like this be one to have graded?
  4. Is this an error I have seen any like online I found it myself and feel pretty proud. And front liberty almost no L and cud on back. Is it cool enough to have graded?
  5. Ok wait now I feel so stupid they are different years . But is it odd?
  6. Can I sell now I can't wait for grading and auction n all ? I only want like $50-$100

  7. Do you think it was made like that or someone messed it up?