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  1. Hi is the god in God we trust a dd
  2. Hi is the god in God we trust a dd
  3. Wat up wit this 1977 dime? Is it environmental damage? Why does some of the lettering have shadows or whatever you call it and it looks like he's got acne lol
  4. Hi all got this 100$ from bank. It's an 1985. Is the sereal number a low one. Is it worth something up
  5. I went to dealer who's been collecting Marc Antony for 20 yrs. He showed me what he had took a look at mine and said it was real. Now whom am I to believe
  6. What I got here the Marc Anthony silver Denarius 32,31 BC coin. A military mint traveling with Anthony struct the coins as they went to war praetorian galley traveling right leg 8 Aquila between two signs. Do you think it would be graded at nearly very fine Of course if you want to buy it for ur collection shoot me a price thanks all
  7. Is there anything else to look for on a 1971 s dd obversr
  8. Is this the way this 2 cent Euro looks on Tim?
  9. Don't u tnk this 1922 is in pretty good shape? How much? Is one of these 1944 an off center? How bout the letters and #s
  10. Look at liberty. Looks double to me. Is there any thing else?
  11. Just a few questions. R war coin nickles worth much? And I got new batch of 30, 40, 50 Wheaties. What am I looking for. I know the dd 55 and what else
  12. Morning all. I got this jar of pennies from a friend who got it from her Grandpa who passed. Judging from the color of the coins, they look promising. I'm driving in now.
  13. Tnks guys.. is the medallion 1 z of silver. Also the old coin, real? It's pretty rounded from wear. Is that good?
  14. Tnks is the medallion 1 z if silver
  15. Ok , I have no idea what u guys was made? Worth anything? How bout this...
  16. Ok , I have no idea what u guys was made? Worth anything?
  17. Tnks this will save me alot of work