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  1. Ok I get it guys. Ya need someone to bash. No prob I can handle it. But ya crossed the line with the polished coins. Forgot who said it but all I ever do is spit on it and clean it on my shirt. Nx time u cant read something on a coin stick it up ur sideways and lick it off. U'll be able to c that we have finished high skoo how bout this 1929? Great condition hu. Thoughts plz
  2. I also found 2 sue b Anthony s coins that looks like blobs. I read about them but forgot what their called. What do I have
  3. Greetings all. I got a few t. Jefferson president coins. Are these proofs?
  4. Hi all any idea what these r worth. The bottom is from a bullion site. I found it but don't know wat it's worth
  5. I know this coin is wiped out but how do u tell the date
  6. Hi Tom and tnks for the advice. I like to do my own research first and from the internet, pics, history I believe it's the real deal. I just can't see all the edge lettering wearing off on just one coin. Of course I'm a rookie but a determined one..tnks
  7. Hi mohawk. I think I found a Andrew Johnson president coin with no writing on rim. Can u concur?
  8. What about the 1982 d? It weighs 3.1 and other one 3.1 also. Large date???
  9. Thought I wrote this already .I got about 60 bucks of presidents and sac 2000 from a ice machine. Got alot to look at. Any Cheerios?
  10. Well after alot of coin searching I found my first DD penny. In fact, if I'm correct, there r a couple in this bunch,....replys welcome. Hey does this make me an
  11. Now I have no idea what these r. One says copy. Go figure
  12. How do u pep do it. The magnet test is one I use alot on jewelry and such. Y I didn't think of using it on the coin, but ya know...ka pow, it stuck. Imposter I say. Tnks pep, another class dismissed.
  13. so these r only a couple of bucks. thats valueable??????
  14. Top of the morning experts. Friends gave me this coin, along with a few others. I'll post this first. Is it silver? The research I did indicated a 1914 China silver yuan shih Kai dollar. Qing dynasty(the fat man)
  15. Hi Bob. So what makes em so valueable.
  16. Ok gaining valuable info fm here. Thanks. Question.,,........what do war nickles weigh? I got 3 more.2 p's and a they weigh 5 grams like the other ones. I'll post em later. Doing research on em
  17. What about the strike . Off center?
  18. Ok ladies and germs. This I stumbled upon while I was sorting dates. How bout some skooling. Look at the date.. 2nd one esp. looks like it melted?????
  19. Ok ladies and germs. This I stumbled upon while I was sorting dates. How bout some skooling. Look at the esp. looks like it melted?????