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  1. I also found 2 sue b Anthony s coins that looks like blobs. I read about them but forgot what their called. What do I have
  2. Greetings all. I got a few t. Jefferson president coins. Are these proofs?
  3. Hi all any idea what these r worth. The bottom is from a bullion site. I found it but don't know wat it's worth
  4. I know this coin is wiped out but how do u tell the date
  5. Hi Tom and tnks for the advice. I like to do my own research first and from the internet, pics, history I believe it's the real deal. I just can't see all the edge lettering wearing off on just one coin. Of course I'm a rookie but a determined one..tnks
  6. Hi mohawk. I think I found a Andrew Johnson president coin with no writing on rim. Can u concur?
  7. What about the 1982 d? It weighs 3.1 and other one 3.1 also. Large date???
  8. Thought I wrote this already .I got about 60 bucks of presidents and sac 2000 from a ice machine. Got alot to look at. Any Cheerios?
  9. Well after alot of coin searching I found my first DD penny. In fact, if I'm correct, there r a couple in this bunch,....replys welcome. Hey does this make me an
  10. Now I have no idea what these r. One says copy. Go figure
  11. How do u pep do it. The magnet test is one I use alot on jewelry and such. Y I didn't think of using it on the coin, but ya know...ka pow, it stuck. Imposter I say. Tnks pep, another class dismissed.