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  1. Is there anything else to look for on a 1971 s dd obversr
  2. Is this the way this 2 cent Euro looks on Tim?
  3. Don't u tnk this 1922 is in pretty good shape? How much? Is one of these 1944 an off center? How bout the letters and #s
  4. Look at liberty. Looks double to me. Is there any thing else?
  5. Just a few questions. R war coin nickles worth much? And I got new batch of 30, 40, 50 Wheaties. What am I looking for. I know the dd 55 and what else
  6. Morning all. I got this jar of pennies from a friend who got it from her Grandpa who passed. Judging from the color of the coins, they look promising. I'm driving in now.
  7. Tnks guys.. is the medallion 1 z of silver. Also the old coin, real? It's pretty rounded from wear. Is that good?
  8. Tnks is the medallion 1 z if silver
  9. Ok , I have no idea what u guys was made? Worth anything? How bout this...
  10. Ok , I have no idea what u guys was made? Worth anything?
  11. Ok pep what is this. Is it real
  12. Tnks this will save me alot of work