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  1. Hello NGC i have just purchased my first 2 gold coins which happen to be california fractional gold pieces with the BG- designation. I have searched the competitive sets and have not been able to locate a slot to enter them. If there is a slot somewhere and i have missed it please let me know where it is, if not can one please be added to the directory. thank you
  2. I am looking to purchase my first gold coin. I am finding neat liberty coins that are NGC certified unc details, and au details. My question would be if I purchase one of these coins, register it, and add it to a competitive set will my overall score go up? Do “detail” coins have a point value?
  3. ok thank you very much, I entered the numbers and got the message that an admin will be notified to verify my coins.
  4. I have 2 2017 proof A.T.B Washington quarters that I want to add to my competition 10 pc. proof set for 2017 but the registry won’t accept them in the slot. The label says limited edition proof set not 10 pc proof set so I’m assuming that is why? If so where can I add these quarters for them to be counted since there is no listing for the limited edition proof set?
  5. I believe if they are not letting PCGS coins in, them the ones grandfathered in should have a point value of zero. It’s not fair to folks who are new to the registry and have all NGC graded coins and are trying to compete with an inferior product. I added my 1994 silver proof set NGC PF69UCAM set to the registry and am only ranked #43 but yet ALL my coins are graded by “superior” company and the set that is ranked #1 only has 2 coins graded by NGC.