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  1. The triskelion is typically accompanied by the legend/motto Quocunque Jeceris Stabit, roughly translated, "Whithersoever You Throw It, It Will Stand". But an interesting interpretation of the triskelion, by you, considering where it was used. On an internment camp token. I like it.
  2. Onchan Internment Camp, located on the Isle of Man, considered the "best" camp for "enemy aliens" to be placed in, amongst the several other camps located there. Onchan was one of the largest camps in terms of size and on the grounds were areas to plant gardens, keep fowl, play organized sports and to move around in general. The internees consisted largely of academics and artists (an unofficial pole of the camp in 1940 listed 121 artists and literary workers, 113 scientists and teachers, 89 engineers, 68 lawyers, 38 physicians, 19 clergymen and 12 dentists amongst the internees) as a result t
  3. Those Chibi's were interesting and I thought that they may take off except the market was flooded with umpteen different designs. I picked one up recently at auction for $40, ungraded, just to check them out. Meh. The square is a custom holder for the "coin", it's the OMP, NGC must not have wanted to cut out a bunch of different shapes for their holders. This place is always asking moon money for their stuff but they probably have the largest selection going of these, just to give you an idea. Harvestor Investments: Search just type chibi in the search function. Niue will slap their na
  4. It's a nice looking medal if it's significant to you in some way go for it but as a potential investment I'd be running in the opposite direction. You never know, at that price level The Mint may not sell very many.
  5. That is not an 8 over 9 only damage, the 8 took a hit and displaced the lower half making it kind of look like the tail of a 9 was there.
  6. I really want to go look at my Peace Dollars now, those are beauties. Congrats!
  7. If the label is wrong NGC will correct it at no charge but you do have to pay for shipping to NGC. Awesome addition to the collection my friend!
  8. It looks to be a heavily circulated coin, I see no doubling in the picture. Not sure what gouge you're talking about but I'm going to take a guess and say that it is damage as well. If you can, post pictures of the whole coin, front and back, so that people can see the entire coin. Keep on looking.
  9. The corrosion looks mint green, maybe that's what they meant. All kidding aside, I hate when that happens but that's a chance we take when buying online, sight unseen. There is really no where else to get coins like these, I imagine, and I'm with you on it's not worth it to try and get a refund or to return these. Meh, lesson learned on this seller. Well that's the kick in the rear I needed, I'll be sending my submission in next week. Can't wait to see those 10Gs lined up, all pretty in there matching holders.
  10. @Courtney p Since you seem to be on the hunt for a 1969-S DDO Cent, as this is your fourth post about one, let me help you out. Below is an image of the major variety from the NGC Variety Plus page. Doubling is clearly visible in the text and date, no magnification required to observe the doubling. It is a very rare coin and the chances of one finding an example are very low but I wish you luck. Lincoln Cents, Memorial Reverse (1959-2008) | VarietyPlus® | NGC (ngccoin.com) There is also a minor variety and you can find the markers here. 1969-S DDO-002 (varietyvista.com) This coin is
  11. 10oz seems to be the most popular, easier to sell, handle and pricing closer to spot than a lower weight bar.
  12. I'd say it be more unusual if it wasn't a DD of some sort with 21 DDOs and 14 DDRs listed on variety vista for that date. It is a proof.
  13. Those post cards are very helpful, I have a whole mitt full of the little towns in my area. For example in the postcard above there is I.O.O.F. painted on the building, I just noticed this, and I did not know that there may have been a local lodge in the past. If there was it means that there probably is an I.O.O.F. token/medal with that lodge number stamped on it and possibly another piece for me to try and acquire. I've tried to limit myself to just my local county instead of the entire state but I may venture out in the future.