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  1. Ouch! Run that loom or you'll get the old spear to the groin! JK Sweet tokens!
  2. Not a debacle in my mind, a limited mintage that sold out in minutes. Some people got them some didn't, some people made money some didn't, some presumably overpaid some chose to wait. Give it 5 years and you'll probably be able to pick one up at a reasonable price, we'll see. Nothing that hasn't happened before. It will happen again and I'm guessing as soon as the WWII 75th Anniversary privy is released, maybe the first officially colorized coins as well but that's a topic for another thread.
  3. Yes, if you're talking about getting a TPG to recognize more varieties. I have several foreign sets that include varieties. Getting the varieties recognized by a TPG is a challenge, 9 out of 10 would be rejected due to popularity (a collector base), not for lack of documentation or examples. Varieties can be well documented in the coins country of origin, in books from that country or region and even by the mint/producer themselves but for the most part if the variety is not in the Standard Catalog you'll have a hard time getting it recognized. I think there is just as large a pool of variety seekers for world coinage as U.S. coinage but but divide that pool up by X number of countries and you just don't have the collector per capita need to get most world varieties recognized. Even though, in that region or country variety/error collecting is most likely very popular. TPG's lack of interest in recognizing "low value" (in the U.S.) world varieties at least in part discourages collecting along those lines. There is not enough interest so the TPG's don't want to invest the time which stifles growth in that area of collecting. For my current focus (Ukrainian coinage) there are many books, papers and examples of varieties and errors. It's a very well documented area and almost none would be TPG accepted. All of mine are safely tucked away in 2 x 2's.
  4. Hi, Seeing if some homes can be added for the following Cert #'s 5861705-005 3770493-149 4640606-022 4742112-003 2844648-008 2844648-001 2844648-002 2844648-003 2844648-011 2844649-003 Thank You, Mike
  5. Hi, What do you think about creating a set for Ukrainian Mint Medals or Medals of the NBU, Mint State and Proof. Or just the silver medals similar to the South Korea, Silver Official Mint Medals, 2013 - Date, Mint State and Proof set. Here's some cert #'s for reference. 2844649-001 2844649-002 2830110-024 2823400-015 2833327-002 2830110-025 Thanks, Mike
  6. Charles E Abell was granted a certificate as a registered pharmacist after passing his examination on Nov, 1 1892. He opened a drug store in 1895, taking up residence at 510 Phoenix St. South Haven, MI. By 1898 he was also owner of the Fruit Belt Chemical Company which manufactured fruit juices for soda fountains, and the Home Remedy Co. which produced all manner of concoctions for sale at his drug store. The abbreviations or alternative spellings on tokens can be a bit of a challenge sometimes, but one of my favorite things to find is old advertisements for the store that the token is associated with.
  7. Three beauties! Going through my own Got To Have It moment on the Bay now. All auction, all end at 1:30AM. Going to be a long night, a long expensive night .... Maybe 🙏 🤞. Congrats. Will you be crossing them?
  8. Wayland, MI - Boggs Recreation $0.10 Aluminum, 25mm, 1.39g, diamond, Type 1 reverse "R" merges into "¢" $0.10 Aluminum, 25mm, 1.39g, diamond, Type 2 reverse "R" & "¢" narrow gap. There is also a Type 3 reverse ("R" & "¢" wide gap) and a Type 2 obverse with a bow tie instead of diamond. Neither of which I have yet, I do know where there is a Type 3 reverse just haven't been able to acquire it yet. $0.05 Aluminum, 22mm, 1.00g, Diamond There is a Type 2 coin with no diamond and the abbreviation "ST." where the diamond was/is. There is also a variety with the address as "28" instead of "128", not sure if it is a die error or if they just moved down the street. Seems to be a die error. Boggs Recreation has been proving elusive for me in the little research I've done so far, so no historical tie in for these guys yet.
  9. South Haven, MI - Van Ostrand's Pharmacy, Brass, 21mm, 4.70g Circa 1912 Established around 1873 Van Ostrand's was one of the premier drug stores in Southwest Michigan, stocking all manner of goods including "drugs and medicines, paints and oils, toilet and fancy goods,and an elaborate onyx soda fountain". Probably a likely place in 1890 to pick up that off the shelf potassium cyanide you would need to clean your coins with (seriously, do NOT attempt) ☠.
  10. Crow's Nest Barbershop & Billiard Parlor Circa 1920, Brass, 21mm, 4.76g. From the Saugatuck-Douglas Historical Society: On June 15, 1914, Edson G. Crow opened the door of his new brick building, called the "Crow Barbershop and Billiard Parlor.' The structure was built by his wife's uncle, August Pfaff (1870 - 1953) in concert with adding a second story to the adjacent Stimson Building, purchased by James Davis in 1913 and being remodeled into the 'Davis Hotel', a 12 room European Style hotel. Both structures were faced with a matching glazed brick facades and had a common wall between them. The Davis Hotel later was known as the Arend Hotel and then as the 'Crow Hotel' when Edson Crow took over that business in 1923. Crow’s new barbershop featured a residence upstairs, four barber chairs in the front room, shower stalls and baths in the basement, and a soon to be completed Billiard Parlor in the backroom. It had windows on the south side overlooking an alleyway between it and the Post Office Building at 133 Butler St. In May, 1920, Crow sold what then was referred to as 'The Crow's Nest Building' and Business to Dominic Leoci (1879-1961), a fellow barber who had worked with him since at least 1916, and it soon became known as 'Leoci's Parlor.'
  11. Bummer, Thanks for the confirmation and explanation Ali. Have a good one,
  12. Hang on, I think I see what's going on, the tokens listed are "raw" and are thus not visible, correct? Sorry, I missed that note in the set. That leads me to a second question. Why are owned "raw" coins not allowed to be viewed in custom sets? Thanks, Mike
  13. Hello, Having trouble with the above mentioned custom set. When I click the SET LISTING, GALLERY and SLIDE SHOW tabs, no data or images will display. I can edit the set, upload images, etc. I give up, what am I doing/not doing? Thanks, Mike