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  1. That stinks, I often see dates in the registry where there are massive score corrections to multiple sets and the corrections are typically reductions in points to most if not all coins in the sets. At least the sets that I've noticed corrections in. I'm not sure what triggers the corrections or what determines when the corrections are carried out but they seem to normally be punitive in nature, although it does look like there were a few corrections to the positive side on a few of the coins. All coins in all affected sets received the same deductions or increases based on the score given to that coins grade, it just sucks that the deductions and increases fell in such a way that rankings were changed in the sets. It doesn't sound like you've gotten an answer as to why the corrections were made, if/when you do please pass it on as I would be curious to learn why the corrections were made as well. Was it a population increase, market value, opinion etc. Sorry about you luck, we've all been there. It's definitely a tough pill to swallow so close to the cut off. Mike