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  1. @kbbpll Thank you, I don't think they are plated, I am pretty sure they are clad. (6% Zinc, 3.5% Manganese, 2% Nickel, Balance Copper) US Mint. That would rule out Flaw bubble. Of course, I could be wrong and I will just accept it as a plating bubble for now until I can research further. I don't think I have ever seen a Dollar coin with doubling. Thanks again
  2. Hello, Need some help to identify if this is a double die? I want to say this is a Denver mint coin, but I will verify later today. Thank you for your time.
  3. Yeah, I stopped using USB microscopes for the same reason. Get a desktop lamp, non LED for now, place it next your microscope, and turn off the LED light on your microscope. you can try that, maybe it will give you better results. Just a thought.
  4. Wait, it doesn't look polished? it could just be the lighting and me not having enough experience with Franklins. But it is a really nice coin.
  5. would we have to match color? it could be easy to match the lumens output from LED lighting, but it will still be whiter than regular incandescent light. Which I think is more to a yellowish tone.
  6. Video on the cartwheel method. Please tell me if I am doing this correctly. (Obverse) and this is one is of the Reverse
  7. Ok, So i can do this with incandescent light bulbs at home? I might not want to as far as to looking at it in a dark room under a lamp yet, but perhaps in the future. any wattage type? When you say luster breaks, do you mean like a water stain or whatever type of stain? I thank you both @VKurtB and @Coinbuf for your input. I understand that photograding is very challenging and I appreciate it. Personally, I think the coins look better in had than in the pictures I post. Perhaps I should post videos doing the cartwheel thing. Thanks again.
  8. I couldn't help myself with the DDO Question But in all seriousness, I am trying to get better at the hobby and one thing would be to get better at grading so I can go out and buy real collection worthy coins. If I'm to spend serious coin on a nice collectible, I would like to know what I am buying. I guess i am in the crossroads between focusing on errors and just buying awesome looking coins. With that, I will start with cents as I favor them like I do Jefferson nickels. Anyway. I am going to say that this 1969 - S Lincoln cent could grade ast AU - 58 if not an MS60 perhaps? I think there is enough damage to the count to make it an MS60 and could grade as low as AU 50. so maybe a solid AU50 to be on the safe side. What do you all think? P.S. I can post better pictures later today.
  9. OMG, I can even tell that it is a fake. They me be trying to get insight of how you guys can tell it is a fake and try to refine their process. My guess. maybe just offer one simple, Fake.
  10. Thank you for your input, I can see the die filing now and no, I don't want to risk details grade. it is heartbreaking. Welp it goes into my poormans Full step collection. Wait, Can I even say it is fulls Steps? I mean they are pretty clear.
  11. Thank you for taking the time for such detail explanation. Very Educational. Thanks again.
  12. Don't get discouraged. We can comment once a week to get this back on top every week.
  13. you are, I think, it is just my stubbornness trying to justify things,looking for answers as to why things happen. Bottom line, you assessment of G, cleaned is good enough for me. After all, that is my initial question and I see why such evaluation. thank you.
  14. Really? ok so maybe it was like you said, cleaned and ended up in my truck and then my son found it? I can live with that Thanks JKK.
  15. That's is what it looks like on both, I am using my phone and the lighting is not the best when i take the pictures. Maybe I need to get a desk lamp?
  16. Well, that's is a wee disappointing, but in line with what I was expecting. Thanks @Six Mile Rick and @CRAWTOMATIC One day I will find something worthwhile and Just buy it
  17. Sure, I'll buy some chickens. I had a pair of chickens - a dozen free eggs every week.
  18. you've been smoking Just Joking. This picture does no justice at all. i'll take another picture with a better camera. However, I understand what you are saying and always appreciate your insight. So, I got the truck from a guy that works construction, like mansory truck is beat to hell but the engine is in really good condition with only less than 150K. so you can imagine laborers climbing in and out of the truck. one of them must have dropped some loose change, the Cent was underneath the weather mat there was broken rear window and there was some water damage so Imagine the penny in the back under a mat getting dragged around as people or tools get tossed in the back. I was surprised that it wasn't all green like the others he found back there. To @JKK 's point, that would account for the whizzed and cleaned looking wear. In a sense, it was cleaned by natural events like when a rocks smooths out in a river. I it is my sons coin, and he loves it, now i can explain all this to him, not that he will understand much because he is only 7 but good learning opportunity. Thank you all.
  19. Thanks @Six Mile Rick So the lines going towards the 2 o' clock would not be considered Wheel Marks? @CRAWTOMATIC what do you think? I wonder if I can get Mr @DWLange to comment, so maybe I can send this one in for grading
  20. Cleaned? What makes you say it was cleaned? remember this was in the back seat of a pick up and the breasions could be by it being kicked around. or is it the color? Just curious, it has been beat to hell.
  21. @VKurtB This is the cent that my son found in the back seat of my Ford Ranger, (I Picked up the Ranger Used) and taking a closer look I was way wrong. Not an AU at all. maybe a VG at best or just GOOD.
  22. Found this Penny in pocket change and I kept it because of the toning. when I took pictures, you can tell how it was severely cleaned. Poor Lincoln