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  1. Does this have a chance at getting the special proof designation?As described by heritage auctions and PDFs has the brown flecks with sharp red brick color
  2. Look at the reverse of this Indian head the letter E in the word CENT and the obverse has the repunched date as well. IS this not a double die reverse?
  3. Is there any variety for this date cause I didn’t see one? And is this a possible DDO? The D in GOD looks doubled pretty heavy
  4. While I got you here do you mind telling me if you see doubling on the back of the neck of this peace dollar. If so if there is a notable variety
  5. I understand that under PCGS price guide under variety’s that there is no double die for this date and mint mark. I found a roll of them in a collection I bought and a lot of them look like this. Is this a normal look or is something off.
  6. Thanks for that comparison photo. Sometimes I need a smack to remember true double die. I wish there wasn’t so many different kinds of doubling. Only true double die should exist
  7. Well here is the example on pcgs. I Compared it to that