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  1. Anyone seen a dark black color penny with some type of toning
  2. Thanks bob it’s been there for about 13 days. Crossing my fingers that there is no body bag or altered. Either way what happens it won’t get my spirits down and I will keep hunting till my last breathe
  3. Mohawk don’t feed into this guy anymore man. Stick to the silent treatment and it will go away . Yes I called it a IT. Or better else a dud. I honestly kind of feel bad because of bad denial can be for some people. All we can do is say our prayers for these individuals
  4. NGC has the coins my friends. I really appreciate everyone’s outlook and opinions it’s been a great help
  5. Would like some opinions on what happened here and it doesn’t sound like copper when you do the drop tests.!
  6. Well after the Eisenhower dollar being under weight I decided to check some other coins out of the same collection the Eisenhower dollar came in and this happened? Is this just a thin planchet?
  7. So what suggestions would you give? And your not discouraging this is what makes are hobby exciting
  8. OK guys Here is what we got. Ben down at Sarasota rare numismatics tested it handled it weighed it and came back 90% silver he is confused as I am but did suggest that could be a presentation piece
  9. Just got to Sarasota Coin See if I can get some other suggestions down here. Thanks for everyone’s help