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  1. Hi bob it would only be eBay cookies buddy no I’m not buying I’m selling
  2. Click the link to see all photos 1901 Half Crown Uncirculated Stunning Rainbow Toning
  3. Here are few of my current listings, I’m a very keen collector and buy coins weekly I just can’t help myself. Some I keep some I resale. I add new listings weekly to my eBay page so check me out keep an eye on my listings. Royal mint 2017 fine silver Β£2 Brittania coins in capsule Royal Mint Silver Proof Β£5 piedfort/ life times service HM Elizabeth, HRH Philip 18
  4. George III 1799 farthing coin KM 646 XF grade very dark tone
  5. I come across fakes all the time they are everywhere sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you don’t. I still buy raw regardless as that’s where u find the gems. Plus believe it or not plenty of people will pay for fakes/restrikes/copies, as coin fillers because not all collectors can afford the real deal. When I find a fake in a bulk buy I will relist it as a reproduction coin state clearly it’s not the real deal and put a Β£6 price tag on it. People still buy and I recovery some of the loss. Good work on sniping out those forgeries thou respect πŸ‘
  6. Hi there, of course sorry, coinsandmedals, already knows my page as he has done bussiness with me before. Try this link it will bring u to one my items then just view sellers other items. 1758/7 GEORGE II SILVER SIXPENCE AU+ KM 582.2 Stunning Coin πŸ‘€
  7. Thanks buddy is one my favourites. Just give you you heads up I have quite a stash of copper coinage come in English and hibernia 1700 -1900 some high grades, some rare, some lower grades. You might want to scroll through my items on eBay. Thou I haven’t got round to listing them all yet! All best Des
  8. The harp always represents Ireland and damn you know your stuff condor. I never knew about the house of hanover or why its was advicated. Talk about sexism!!! Thou I know the Brit royals and the German royals are all the same blood line. As to are multiple of the American presidents. In which are are traced back to the Merovingian bloodline. Which may I add is a very interesting read. The worlds elite has always been and always will be. Thou respect to those who won and thought there way to the top through intelligence and pure genius ie the Rothchilds. Right from the battle of waterloo and t
  9. Thanks for the quick reply theres some nice coins listed I be eagelry waiting. Do you send to UK?
  10. Hi there I viewed your auction page and noticed you have some british coins. Only problems is there are no photos πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ. Could you upload some photos please I would be interested in a number of the coins listed thanks
  11. Just out of interest I was wondering what you guys feels towards grade of the coin anyone think its above MS 65?
  12. Hi guys another link for above coin from my ebay page. Please be sure to check my other items for sale all coins. 1758/7 GEORGE II SILVER SIXPENCE AU+ KM 582.2 Stunning Coin πŸ‘€
  13. Hi Guys here is a link for my ebay page and above coin currently listed. Please be sure to check all my other items for sale Rare 1827 1/3 Farthing Malta Issue XF+/AU KM 703 George IV
  14. Hi guys another auction find stunning coin. Opinions on grade please would be appreciated. Think I will keep this one and get it slabbed
  15. Thats some nice toning, I dont know much about US coins so cant comment any further.
  16. Very Witty JKK I like your style 😎. EF would be nice πŸ‘
  17. Hey pocket how did you upload so many photos at once I just can’t do this πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈπŸ™„
  18. Another auction find here in Britain. Opiniouns on grade ? cheers guys