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  1. Really cool New Zealand 1983 commem dollar. Commemorating 50 years of NZ making it's own coinage. Has the old 1933 coins worked into the design on the reverse. I had two listed, but when I showed them to my wife, she liked them so much she made me keep one. 3 other NZ commems, all silver proofs. All come in plastic holders specific to country and year. Similar to Capital holders. 1983 New Zealand commem 1982 NZ commem 1980 NZ commem 1978 NZ commem 1965 French mint set 10 and 5 francs silver 2 interesting sets of Atlanta Olympic commem half and commem Olympic pin, never opened. 1995 basebal 1995 Basketball 3 sets of 20 coin page random world coins, some silver one two three
  2. Patting dry can leave them spotty. I do a final dunk in acetone after rinsing with water. Acetone dries super fast. I place the coin on a lint free cloth. Flip it over a time or two, it's dry. Just don't put the jewelry cleaner basket in the acetone unless it's metal. Also, and I prob should have started with this, I only use ezest on silver. It can make copper bronze etc look pretty rough. Not sure what it will do with nickel.
  3. I've used it on coins that were an otherwise hopeless case. Ugly toning, hazy build up, tape residue. Over dipping can do more harm than good. I dilute it 50/50 with distilled water. I bought a couple lots of modern commemoratives proofs. Not in the OMP, and horribly cloudy. Nobody else must have realized what they were, so I got them for under melt. So I had nothing to lose. 19 out of 20 turned out great. One developed some very dark brown spotting. One of the ones that turned out great was the 94 POW commem. Sent it in for grading, came back a PF68 DCAM.
  4. 1903 Morgan, Ike DDO MS 67, '87 SAE MS 69, NZ 1/2 Crown, NZ 6 pence GB Sovs
  5. Undervalued, modern commem silver dollars. Over valued proof SAEs. Silver value, 14 vs 18, not much difference. Yet a proof SAE sells for double (or more) of what the average proof commemorative dollar sells for. Except for a few rare years like the Buff commem. To me SAEs are boring. Each year looks the same as the last. And they were really designed as bullion. Sure I'd pay 5 or 6 buck over melt for a proof SAE, but not double melt, or more. The proof commems are different every year. Many have emotional value as the represent something to us about our history. If some one gave me the choice (with the stipulation that I couldn't sell it) of the recent reverse proof SAE everyone is going nuts for, or the '19 Apollo Commem, I'd take the Apollo. I have more of an emotional connection to that event.
  6. I see sets like this sell for $12 to $15 at local auctions all the time. And those have the original envelope, which collectors prefer. Auctioneers would take 15-20% of the sale. NumisMedia has a price on the set of $9. A couple years earlier and the half, quarter and dime would have been 90% silver. In your set, only the half is silver and only 40%. That's about $2.60 in silver. Also keep in mind, US mint technology has vastly improved since 1966. Todays mint set would probably all grade a 69 or 70, and proof sets would all grade UC, Ultra Cameo. But in 1966, anything as high as a 66 or 67 was rare. Thus the extreme price jump in those few that are. And the SMS, from what I've learned, weren't quite as high a quality as actual proofs. So the chance of a Cameo, or Ultra Cameo are also rarer. Even straight from the mint.
  7. Probably removed from proof sets if the more valuable coins were sent in to get graded.
  8. Hopefully this link works better than my last one.
  9. I've been doing this over 5 years. And have bought a lot of modern commemorative coins. Including the ones you mentioned. I can't tell the difference between a 67, 68, 69, or 70. The differences are that subtle. I rely on professional graders for that. And they won't do it unless they have the coin in hand. So even if you post pics, I doubt anyone can confirm if you have a 70. Over the years the US mints have refined their process for striking coins. Buy a 2019 commemorative silver dollar from the mint and a few will be 69s but the vast majority will be 70s. It wasn't that way in '83 and '84. Especially at the ancillary mints of San Francisco and Denver. Most were 66, 67, 68. Even the day they left the mint. NGC's price guide shows the '83 S Olympic dollar with a value of $35 at an MS 69. And $1950 for a MS 70. Because they happened so rarely. The chance that you have one is slim. If you look at NGC's census, they have graded over 1800 of the '83 S. 27 have come back a MS 70. If you scroll ahead 30 years to the '14 baseball commemorative dollar, you can see 2 out of every 3 grade MS 70. So far with the 2019 Apollo commem dollar, 94% of them are 70s.
  10. That was the right link. They must have sold by the time you looked. My British sovereigns were still on there. If you scroll down past all the stuff my wife makes.
  11. Silver Kennedys, Franklins, Silver quarters MS64 Morgan. Many nicer BU coins, some proofs. I started the Kennedys and quarters at melt. 2 sets have one bid and one set doesn't have any. Since silver prices have gone up since listing. So, at the time of this post, they are going for under melt. Combined shipping available and free shipping on the Morgan. So if someone buys them all, or even 4 out of the five I would waive shipping altogether. Or maybe throw in an extra coin. Also a couple of gold sovereigns, but they are not auction listing. Just Buy it Now.
  12. Anybody ever heard of this? Some sort of fantasy piece? Trial coin? Hoax?
  13. Bump I took better pics of the Franklins. At this time, the silver Kennedys and quarters only have one bid. So they are still basically at melt. Many are high grade. Eleven Franklin half dollars.
  14. You will get better at it. I bought a polished coin early on. Even wasted money to get it graded. I wish I had found this sight earlier in my collecting career.
  15. This forum "Coin Marketplace" is for specific coins you have to sell. Not random rants against TPGs. If you have coins you want to sell, start a new thread, list the specific coin, price you want etc. But if you don't have paypal I'm not sure you will make many sales. I'm not going to send someone who just joined here a check. Or give them my CC info.