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  1. 99 O is a pretty common date. In that condition, def not worth grading. 92 S is rarer, very unfortunate that it was defaced like that. Grading companies give out a "details" grade to problem coins. With the details referring to what the problem was. Cleaned, scratched, polished, damaged, graffiti ect... That can cut the value of the coin in half for many collectors. I wouldn't send that one in for grading either.
  2. Pre-covid I used Auctionzip to find local auctions. I hope to some day be able to do that again.
  3. Not a scam, just weird owner. Move on. This site is good. If this isn't active enough for me, I also go to CCF (Coin Community Family).
  4. Way to shiny to be natural. Once saw an online estate sale where every coin had been polished. Not sure if the collector just wanted them to look shiny, or thought it would add value. Sad. Of course the auctioneer had them listed as mint state. And people were bidding on them like they were. Some were key date, a few actually would have been high grade without the polish. But most were XF at best. I bought a polished coin in my early days. Even had it graded. Lesson learned.
  5. I don't know SBA varieties. So maybe you have something there. But in general non-silver proof sets don't go for much. I see tons of those go for $5 at auction and $10 at a coin shop. I've also heard that my local coin shops are only paying face value for them if you want to sell one.
  6. I've seen the reverse proof W penny from the 2019 set go for $80-90. If graded as a PF70. Not bad for a free coin. Many collectors love reverse proofs. Thought about getting mine graded. Doesn't really add any value to the silver set for me. As I was only in that for the silver. Bought it pretty cheap at an estate sale when silver hit $14. But if all I get out of it is a PF69, then it wouldn't be worth the grading costs. Those sell for about $20.
  7. Fair market value is also about what grading tier your coin goes in. NGC has an economy tier for coins up to $300 in value. Is it a big deal to you if the grading cost goes from $22 to 35 to 60? Probably not as that would indicate NGC also thinks it's a high dollar coin. But if you send it in as a $5000 coin, and pay $60 to get graded, only to find out it's an $8 coin, that would suck. If you send it in at a low tier, and NGC thinks it's more valuable, they will adjust what they charge you.
  8. Probably due in large part to how incendiary his thread title is. Same title, same post in the main forum might have gotten more views.
  9. The old plastic the mint used are not the best for storing. I've had plenty in that time period that take on a light haze. Still in the cellophane. Ike dollars in the blue packs are the worst.
  10. Third Party Grader (like NGC) A submission form is what you fill out when you submit coins for grading. There is a spot to check "mint error" and an additional fee to pay. But, like almost everyone on the thread has said, most people who think they have a mint error, don't. You heard it first from an NGC staff person. There really didn't need to be any discussion after that. They gave you their opinion for free. Normally you have to pay $30 plus return shipping for that.
  11. Mexican silver 90% and .720, Barber halves, seated half, Apollo 2019 commem.
  12. If you had placed a phone call to NGC immediately, they could have possible provided input to ebay that might have affected ebay's decision. Maybe you would still have your $538. Now that ebay has made a decision, it seems unlikely NGC will be able to do much for you. But they probably will work with ebay to make sure they understand the sig is real, and this won't happen to other sellers. It also sound like if you accepted returns, you could have at least gotten the coin back. I offer returns on all my listings. And generally won't buy from a seller who doesn't offer them. Especially at the price point you are talking about. BTW, did you read the Marketplace guidelines post. Are you offering a coin to sell to us? Wanting to buy a coin? Trade for a coin? Did you list the price, shipping methods, acceptable form of payment? Link to a coin that you currently have for sale? I do list some of my ebay sales on the Marketplace forum. I know how seldom it gets used, or viewed. I was simply being nice and trying to point out that the main forum would have been likely to get more eyeballs on your post.
  13. This "Coin Marketplace" forum is for people who want to sell or buy coins. You could have put this in the "Ask NGC" section and they would have been sure to see it. It was fortunate that they did see it here. You could also put your issue in the main coin forum. Which will get more views. The first thing you should have done is called NGC.
  14. '82 Wash half, Seated half, Barber halfs, Mexican silver including a BU '48 5 Peso 90%. Also Buy it Now listing of world coins. Mostly German and Egyptian. 1840s to 1930s.
  15. Many ebay auctions closing tonight. Lots of silver. Also new .99 auctions starting today.