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  1. If I knew how to grade them, I wouldn’t have asked.
  2. Hello all, Seeking opinions of grade, on these two 1890 CC Morgan Dollars...
  3. Um, perhaps you can start your own thread.
  4. Thanks, but I did suggest grade “VG-4-VF-20”.
  5. Thanks! Sorry, to be a bother posting my list. I’ve got a 2003 “Red Book, which tells most are valued at .10-.20, at VG-4-VF-20, but that’s 16 years ago. That said, I know it’s taken a while to go through these but not sure about the market, for them and I’m just looking for feedback, from those more experienced, on whether the book value is worth time, effort & potential $, in gas and/or shipping, to try to sell. Do banks typically have rolls, for old silver dollars and half dollars?
  6. Hello folks, Been a while, hope you all had a great holiday season and happy new year, to all! I decided to hold on to silver & clad coins, as saw price of going up a bit, from low $14s and started to get an idea, of what makes silver price move. That said, how would store the silver coins? Also, after seeing the rare 1943 bronze wheat penny sell for $204,000 at Florida auction, I started going through my 2 big jars of circulated wheat cents. 😉 About 1/4 inventoried, and it doesn’t look like anything real valuable, yet but here’s what I’ve got, so far. I’d appreciat
  7. Thanks! I still have to inventory the dimes. I have not yet, been to any mainly-bullion dealers, but I believe my next trip will include one or two.
  8. Thanks! How much, compared to melt, do you think would not be cold, for silver? FWIW, I found a couple more dealers, to visit, along with the one on vacation; if for nothing else, just to have a few more opinions and options.
  9. Update: I took the nickels, silver Jeff (54) and Buff (52), to 2 coin dealers, 3rd one was closed, for vacation; I'll try again, when returns. The first one I know, the 2nd I did not; neither singled out any key dates i.e. Buff 1919 D, nor charged me a fee, to go through them. Both put what they'd pay writing but on scrap paper, nothing "formal" or with their name on it. Here's what they said they'd pay... Coin dealer #1 (I know) $33 Buff (52): Full date showing $0.15 cents each, no date showing: $0.8 cents each Jeff (54): He said "Melt = $0.80 cents each", but he'd pay me $0.50 cents
  10. Here are my lists of nickels, and pics of what I believe to be my most desirable Buffalo date/mintage 1919 D, which is in about the average condition, of all Buffs...Some a bit better and some with unidentifiable date & mint mark. FWIW, I can take more pics, if needed. I appreciate your feedback! Jefferson Wartime: (54) 1942 P (3) 1942 S (3) 1943 P (22) 1942 S (6) 1944 P (5) 1944 S 1944 D (2) 1945 P (7) 1945 S (4) 1945 D Buffalo Nickels: (52) 1919 D (See pic) 1920 (3) 1923 (3) 1925 (4) 1926 (5) 1927 (7) 1928 (3) 1928 S 1929 (2) 1930 19
  11. @Just Bob, @Conder101,Thanks, appreciate ya’! If and when ready to sell, I’ll definitely consider the marketplace forum here and yourself, for the irradiated dime.
  12. They have NOW, Thanks! I'm digging their U.S. Circulated Silver Coins Value Guide and U.S. Silver Coin Melt Value Calculator.
  13. Thanks, I hear ya'! >>>"...I would not say price is the only determinant..". Agreed, FWIW, I inherited these coins and I'm in need of cash, for repairs, to my house but don't qualify, for home equity loan.