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  1. I have a set of these Maple hologram coins. Yes, they are hard to photograph.
  2. Three ghost ships collection. I lost the pics from the third somehow, but had a pic with a little enhancement of the reverse.
  3. Breaking out my big gun here. (7oz.) .999 silver from the Medalic Arts Co. Part of a set honoring great coin designers.
  4. Wow, some simply AMAZING stuff here. Thanks for posting them, everyone.
  5. Here's a couple of bullion products from the Destiny series, (sharing the same obverse) the "Raven" and the "Dragon", and a hologram coin that looks amazing when catching the light in different angles.
  6. I'm at AU details. I don't think it would straight grade. Hope I'm wrong though.
  7. Here's one I got (what I think) a great deal on. (stock photo) More to come as I image them.
  8. Hello, I'm not sure about the markings on your coin, but at least you have a reply. 😇
  9. My first post in this theme but must say... Awesome coins everyone. This is new, but I really like the detailed reverse. John.
  10. One of my favorite world gold coins, and U.S. medal. Neat stuff everyone, keep them coming... 😁
  11. Here is an original 5 marks coin, and a modern silver round that utilizes the same design. (mostly)
  12. How do you delete a pic from a reply before submitting ? Thanks in advance. John.