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  1. I’m in the same boat here. Except mine was sent to NCS for conservation then came back from NGC as UNC Details Cleaned. What a waste of money this was.
  2. I recently sent in some Morgan’s which were all MSPL quality. I decided to send them in for preserving and cleaning with NCS before they were graded to make them just a bit nicer. I noticed if NCS determines the coins don’t need cleaning they are sent to NGC for grading. But this has me wondering... if it is determined the coins do not need conservation and they’re transferred to NGC for grading, do I still have to pay for conservation even though nothing happened? If I do not have to pay for it, do I receive a refund since it is already paid for? Or is my account credited the cost
  3. Thank you Matt, The holder is still on, well, it was at the time of the photograph. The line is definitely inside the holder on the coin. At an angle you can see it cast a shadow where it raises from the surface of the coin to the top of the R It looks as if it was a hair, except it is the same color as the coin. Maybe a hair fell off one of the people who works at the mint and landed on the coin before it was struck. But they would have to have silver white hair. I have since sent the coins in to NGC for grading. They arrived on the 13th, yet they are not showing up in my account as
  4. I choose to collect coins, not because I overly like coins, but because I want a safe investment which is unlikely to fall much in value. This presents a very stable and safe investment to pair up with the various stocks I own which can have wild swings. I have also began to branch out into video games, comic books, and some magazines. I see them all as a safe investment which is likely to have cyclical movement in value. Right now comic books are all the rage due to so many superhero movies in production (and no end in the foreseeable future). Chances are high coins will see a turn around eve
  5. Here's a much better photo of the same coin out of the flip with much better lighting.
  6. Held at an extreme angle the line appears to go from the surface of the wing, down to the field then raise back up to the letters. In hand you can see the line around the edge, then it comes back up and sticks out over the E. There is a reflection on the field just above the R, which makes me think it may be something on top of the coin. It looks similar to when something is cast plastic and a fine hair of plastic clings to the mold then falls back on the item.
  7. Hello NGC, I know the 2018 S 50c coins & stamp sets are just now starting to come rolling into grading, and by how the mint is reacting, there may not be many coming in. I bought two, and one of the coins has a very obvious looping line from the bottom of the wing. Might this constitute a mint error? Or am I just unlucky and got a badly scratched coin from the mint? Or could it even be a hair which happened to land on the holder before the mint put in the coin? Included are to photos of the coin in different contrasts. Thank you for your thoughts.
  8. Hi everyone and thanks for reading. I just got my 2018 S 50c breast cancer coin/stamp sets from the mint today. I noticed on the back of one of coins was a lot of extra "sludge" for the lack of a better word. I'm guessing this is something left over from making the coin so dcam. Or is it just a really bad scratch and bad luck for me? Is it possible the mint just put it inside a really bad holder and it looks like it is scratched? You can see the mark fairly obviously at the bottom of the wing. The second pic is of another coin, with no mark. The last image is the coin with the mark on it
  9. I think the flip it's in makes it look a little dull. I also took the photos with my iphone and a table lamp. Here's another photo with the flash on for comparison.
  10. Hi everyone, I picked up this 1878 CC Morgan and I'm wondering if it is worth sending in for grading. Obviously it's not in perfect, but I think it was undergraded by the seller. Have any thoughts on it?
  11. Sorry, here is a picture of the back. Judging by the amount of material accumulated on the back causes me to suspect it may have been cleaned somehow. I know this guy was very crooked in some of the things he did on ebay, but normally it was just over grading.
  12. Hi everyone. I picked up some slabbed pennies for a great price. After a little research I discovered the grading company INB was a joke, however these coins were never graded just slabbed. They look like they are in great condition but maybe they've been cleaned. Would something like this be worth submitting or should I just leave them as is?