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  1. And, of course, 800 pounds is a piece of cake to move via freight today.
  2. If each die weighs ~7.5 pounds, they might be shipped today via USPS flat rate program. I imagine you could fit 3-4 die pairs, 6 to 8 dies, at a weight of about 45 to 60 pounds, in a large flat rate box (I'm just theorizing, here; I don't have any idea if this is practicable, or even possible.) That would cost $18.90 full retail, though doubtless that could and would be negotiated down, meaning you could send all 54 die 14 to 18 large flat rate boxes, at a cost of $246.60 to $340.20, plus, perhaps, registration at $11.90 per box, which would put the total at $4
  3. What a fantastic discovery. The find of the last half century, going back to the discovery of the 1870-S half dime in 1978. Very few discoveries could top this...the "second" 1870-S $3, maybe a fourth 1822 $5, maybe another 1870-S half dime...or any 1873-S Seated dollars. How exciting. Just exciting. Numismatists wait their whole lives for discoveries like this.
  4. Hello...want an original Snow-3, not a "restrike" Snow-9. Looking for a circulated example, in fact, the lower the better. Prefer a, say, VG to VF example, but will take anything I can pay for. Impaired is fine, so long as it's an original Snow-3. I'll take an MS example, but can't really afford one. Rick Snow has a nice MS62 on his site, but that's a bit out of my price range. Want to buy yesterday. This was the magic coin when I was a kid, and now I can afford to own one. Thanks!