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  1. While it was mostly a gimmick to sell the toners, the premiums are real, and the coins are, for the most part, pretty incredible!
  2. Looks cleaned in the video to me. AU58 tops otherwise. Granted I am on my phone so...
  3. In my experience, submitted blindly, around 40% of coins sub $1,000 and 20% of coins $1,000+. My personal collection stickers around an 80% rate, which tells me my eye is rather in-line with JA and Company.
  4. Whatever you've heard, if it wasn't from me, it probably wasn't the full story. I know a certain individual chimed in on a particular thread that has since been poofed, but that accounting was... wildly inaccurate, and I'll refrain from saying anything further publicly at this time. Thanks RE the newp!
  5. 32 here, hardcore Morgan collector, none of these are proofs, most are cleaned. If you really believe they're proofs, you can line up the die diagnostics using VAMWorld. And this aint horseshoes or hand grenades, close doesn't count. It has to be 100%. Then you can go pay for grading and get your branch mint proofs and and enjoy your windfall. But none of that will happen, you'll just be $200 poorer and stuck with a pile of cleaned Morgans nobody wants. Also, if you want me to read your posts, try paragraphs. I see a wall of text and my brain just goes "No."
  6. I was at 58 from the pics, but kept bouncing between 58 and 62... Vid tells me 62 all day. Maybe a 63 on a Friday afternoon.
  7. I see a pile of AU58s. Nothing worth grading offhand. Sorry this probably isn't what you wanted to hear. Best of luck whatever you decide to do with them.
  8. I've wanted a Battle Creek for years and this was priced right, and came around at the right time. It is on its way back from the sticker factory. My final purchase from the forums ATS.