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  1. Still getting use to the way things are here. Could have posted the reverse here with the obverse before, but didn’t know how. I promise to continue to improve 🙃 this is a simply gorgeous example of a nicely toned 1950’s era mint set coin. kerry
  2. W.K.F.

    A much better photo

    Greetings... just wanted to share the obverse of the previously posted pic of my 1958 Franklin PCGS MS 67+ Highest graded non fbl Franklin for the year. One of about a hundred total at both grading agencies. Less than that with CAC also. This pic shows the beautiful colors much better imo. Hope you like it. I always say collect what you like. I like Frank! Happy Collecting to all kerry
  3. These are definitely the “Good Ol Days” right now! Well said! thx!
  4. Well said! The denarias and soldus of the ancient world that could have been had...Ben F was fortunately still in circulation when I started into coin collecting. Along with Walker halves, Mercury dimes, Buffalo nickels and an occasional silver dollar. Gonna do a piece soon on how and what got me started in coins. Thank you for your comment.
  5. Greetings Collectors, Answer... not in our lifetime. Yet we can always strive to make things better. And learn from history. i was born in 1954. A great year to be into coin collecting. Just not old enough then to buy any great coins at great prices. Yet. (would like to have loaded up on proof coinage from 1950-1953. Or maybe crawled to every big bank in and around Philadelphia a year later at age one, to load up on rolls of Lincoln cents of 1955) i just glanced at my first red book (22nd edition 1969) and looked to see what an 1894-S Ten dollar liberty was worth. (I’m in the market presently for one) Three conditions listed for 1894-S $10: fine- $45 very fine- $65 unc- $110 WOW! Almost as much as the 1893-CC Ten in unc, which was listed as worth $150. Probably could have found choice examples of both coins for far less than $250. Now that would be perfection! maybe a 1893-s Morgan in xf for $525? perfecter... 1955 dd obv cent in xf for $235? perfectist... or, a 1939-d Jefferson in unc for $40? mo-perfect... shoulda, woulda, could’ve... Price total today for all the above?? (mid to upper five figures) not a bad return 60-years later. Was the mid 20th century the twilight of beautiful American coinage? Imo yes. I’ve said nothing about standing Liberty halves and quarters, yet I own both, and believe them to extremely beautiful. Most everything minted from 1900-2000 is beautiful imo. But I sure do like gold liberty tens from 1839-1907 too. Actually the entire 19th century coinage too! Would love to have three $3 gold pieces, and four $4 Stella’s also. ( I’m not being greedy am I?) dam right I am. I checked and it was deemed ok! Anyway... The coin below in an NGC slab is a new addition. Of my four new Franklin’s, this is the only NGC example. All are CAC. I have a nice example already in my set from 1956. And own a couple others from 1956 in 66-fbl. I’ve seen some gorgeous toning from this year. More so than any other year, except the 1958. This was a beautiful example, that I feel I stole in a Heritage auction a couple weeks ago. There are very few of these attractive examples left of 1956 in ms-66 with full bell lines. And with CAC approval too. Sweet. Its always about the popularity of the series first. And then it’s about the population (the pop being very important in everything I collect). This determines value imo. This series, while not vastly popular like the Morgan dollar, Buffalo nickel, or Indian head pennies, (never been able to call them Indian head cents) it’s a silver series that has many scarce rarities if one looks at just how many of a certain grade is actually in captivity? I like em a lot. And they’re a way rarer larger silver coin than most realize. Study the 33-coin series. They’re beautiful and they’re scarce to very rare in 66 and above. Look at the mintages and populations at present. Compare how few their are when compared to other series with like-kind mintage and population numbers. With or without full bell lines, high grade pieces are rare to non existent. I still think that there is only one coin graded ms-67+? With FBL a 1963-D featured in a Heritage Long Beach Auction that ends in a couple days. A simply gorgeous example. Check it out. The bid at last look was at $15,500. I bailed out at $3500. Wouldn’t be surprised if the final hammer price is north of 30-k? in a perfect world I’d own a 1953-S FBL Franklin in MS-66... and... an 1894-s ten dollar liberty in regular old MS-65. Now that would be fine and then some. (I’d even settle for both coins in Anacs plastic.) I’d even settle for a full grade down on both too! A perfect world would be 1969 buy prices in 2019! But that wouldn’t stay fun long. 60 years from now 2019 buy prices may look extremely sweet? Thank you to all who have texted and commented on the last post. I really enjoy hearing other views on all of this that interests us. Keep em coming! Happy Collecting to all! kerry
  6. Greetings Collectors, Sitting here at the desk looking at a couple new arrivals. However three of the four won’t be included in my set here because they’re in PCGS slabs. Still having trouble adjusting to the rule only NGC holders allowed. Only because one would like to be able to share ones entire graded collection. That’s only fair though. PCGS never allowed NGC coins at any time. Enough on that. I will say for the record, imo, both NGC and PCGS are great accurate graders. In most of my past I’ve been of the mindset that the majority of serious collectors would choose the above two in a different order. I however, do not. I’ve seen overgraded examples in both slabs. Yet just a couple times. I’ve also seen (and cracked out) several that have been under graded in slabs of both these top two graders. My most surprised find was a New Orleans Ten in a VF-35 rattler, that after the “crack out”, came back AU-55. Not to sound greedy, I really thought the coin was low ms possibly? At least 58? Was I happy with 55? Absolutely. Was the new grader too liberal on his or her grade? 35-55? Pretty steep climb in grade. Bottom line. A lucky find. No one was asleep at the wheel with the original grade. No one gave away the store with the 55. I think it swell that possibly a green bean may be attached at some later date? I think it deserves one. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Right? anyway... I love both NGC and PCGS. The 1958 Franklin half is not a scarce date with 4,000,000 minted. Not really a huge mintage though. Actually a very low mintage for what was considered a “workhorse” coin. What was really kinda cool. And actually accidental the way the U.S. mint had started to evolve into what was thought of, as running a really tight ship. Not letting many mistakes go uncorrected. (forget the 55dd Lincoln lol) Something really awesome was happening at the same time for collector coins with some mint packaging changes. Turns out the paper/cardboard used to ship Mint Sets at that time, had an unusually high acid content which indirectly caused the gorgeous Peter Max toning seen on many silver and other coins of the better part of the 1950’s mint sets that were stored for years in their OGP (original government packaging). And even more so it seems of the year 1958. Some of these acidic changes were very evident with the old $1,000 bags of Morgan dollars from the 1800’s I’m told. In the Franklin series I’m of the opinion that both graders of the top two get the numerical grade pretty much spot on. (usually) Yet going by experience, as this is only one of two coin series that I know much of anything about, I love the fact that NGC has always been tougher on handing out FBL (full bell lines) designation on this silver series. Just look at the difference of fbl graded coins. Far fewer by NGC. (bottom line. Any NGC fbl coin would most likely cross to PCGS as fbl. Not all fbl coins in PCGS slabs would cross to NGC as fbl coins.) i do think PCGS may be a hair tougher on the numerical grade observation than NGC. However, yet both are in my collection. And I respect both. A lot. To add: if PCGS says its ms-67, it most likely is. but... it’s all about the coin. Not the plastic. Never forget this about any series that you want to seriously collect. Pictured below is an example of the 1958 Franklin. One here that is absolutely gorgeous with the blues and honey golds. This particular coin is unique in the fact that there are none graded higher anywhere. And while I think it’s a very strong coin for the grade assigned, it’s more important that CAC thinks it’s a strong coin for the grade assigned. NGC has graded 32 at MS67 seen none higher. PCGS has graded 74 at MS67 seen none higher. I apologize for the photo quality. Need to re invent my makeshift studio to take some decent photos. The ones I post to my two collections I’ll eventually have here will hopefully be of better quality. I’m just really happy with this particular coin in a series mainly collected for the full bell lines, this example doesn’t have them. Few do when compared to total minted. And none graded this high do (?) just a piece that I feel very fortunate to be one of about 100 people blessed enough to own this coin at this grade. I wish you could hold this one in your hand under light. Wow. Way different than this picture. A perfect example, to a not so perfect claim, that 20th century American coinage was the best! Just this one guys opinion. (Still think it a perfect claim. ‘Cause it’s true!) I still like NGC the most, overall, for all things MS Franklin. (yet this is a grand example from the competition) i like em both. A lot. And I love the beautiful toning from an era not to come again. On all the denominations of the time! Mainly silver. yet copper and nickel too. Happy collecting to you all! kerry
  7. W.K.F.

    Up for air after a while.

    Thanks a bunch Rick! Let’s reconnect over this future of ours! Wanna pick your brain on some things. Hope all is well with you and yours! kerry🍀
  8. Greetings Collectors, I missed the fellowship. All of you, and I are alike in many ways. Yet different. To explain, I’ll use surfing. The guys and girls I shared that hobby with and still do, are/is an entirely different atmosphere. You feel one way there and interact. At work you use another mode of interaction with those you grow close to. Your doctor etc... Here, this is, and always has had, that other air about it. I know I didn’t say that right, as it’s kinda hard to describe unless you are a fellow surfer, or here, a fellow numismatic. It’s a certain feeling I’ve ALWAYS had when it came to coin collecting. And by saying fellowship, I’m talking of course both the sexes. I think what it boils down to, is an OPPOSITE of what was said in the old movie Cool Hand Luke. Where it was said, “what we have here is failure to communicate” “some people you just can’t reach”? Here however we all have a unique inner gift to be able to share things numismaticly (?) and closely, yet at a comfortable distance. Yet that closeness and that fellowship trumps everything! It’s a hobby, Love, passion, adrenaline, and almost euphoric rush that kinda never ends. The excitement degree does have some manic episodes. All perfectly (Maybe not perfectly) timed in ones own eyes, at that particular time. And all for pretty good reasons. (?) Anyway, I love this particular spot on my journey down this path called life. All the best to all of you and thank you to all my friends who have reached out! Wow. And a special thanks to those I don’t well. Yet. Thank you reaching out. I want to take time over the next few weeks to study and look at what interests all of you. I love it all. I have for many years. So I’m sure I’ll be copasetic with 110% of it. thanks again to all. Happy Collecting of that which YOU like. the pic either above or below?? Is an under graded ten in an older holder by an adversary. Lol. It’s one I can only share a heads or tails. Love both. Yet the obverse is what usually rules... kerry
  9. W.K.F.

    Up for air after a while.

    Wow! That’s great news Gary!!! Took the time to read a couple of your latest pieces and I said dam! Go Gary. Wish I could be there at the ANA to hear that. Who knows? Heck, I’m retired too. Ain’t it swell! Long Beach in June anyway. Seriously I feel very blessed to be where I’m at right now in life. So glad to be back here too. I look forward to meeting some new people and getting re-aquatinted with some old friends as well. Look forward to reading all that you have to say! Keep it up! Take care my friend.
  10. W.K.F.

    Up for air after a while.

    Well said. Thanks for the update on the new rules. So much for my pcgs tens with + and green beans huh? Lol It’s so nice to hear from a friend here. Thank you for reaching out. Just read some great things about our friend Gary. Wow what a talent! It will be great to be back once I’m settled back in. Will go smoothly since I’m only a two set collector on the surface now. Ha ha. my sets will be smaller, appearance wise, but who’s counting? Lol I know the other dates I have in adversary slabs. Lol Take care my friend. kerry
  11. Greetings Collectors, I’ve been away for some time. I think I’m back? Hardly recognize the site from what I recall? Never left this hobby. Never forgot any of you. I took a vacation from cable tv, social media and other what I came to view as distractions to sanity? And, to use an old saying... to find myself. Well... I’ve found that while this hobby can’t be shared with all of those we know, (for security reasons) it can be shared here, somewhat annonomosly. With those here that can relate to each other. And God knows I’ve wished many times, that I could have shared that which I’ve been blessed with, with so many down through the years. That was... probably... very luckily... decided against... my doing... Many times. Thank God. Many things to say. Those of you that may remember, I can be long winded. So probably best if I split these ides/comments up a wee bit. I just signed up for a twelve month tour of duty, and it took several minutes to even find the “Journals”? Us old guys all use to see them on the front the NGC home page lower left. So... you all may actually be quite fortunate to only have read this one journal entry, as I may never find my way back to this spot again? I’ve been third world for some time. Tech rusty is what I’m using for an excuse this day. Anyway, it feels good to be back. (if I am really back?) hmmmm? Before it was mostly all about points. How many of my slabbed coins could I tally up? How many sets could I come up with? What’s my point total now? Not anymore. I have many coin interests. Foreign and domestic. And I’ve sold nothing. (so far) so many interests. Yet I have only two true loves. Pre 1908 Ten Dollar Liberty Gold MS Franklin Halves (Franklin’s are my only coin set here. It is a set that has been upgraded, & is currently not accurate) new additions this week on the way, and hopefully from Long Beach early June in both Franklin & $10 libs. ? We’ll see I guess. Another thing is, I’m unsure I can enter all my current coins here now, as some are in PCGS slabs?? (rules may have changed) Guess I’ll find out that later. i remember the day I deleted dozens of sets here, and left just the one. I remember the reason. Soon I’ll have just the two. And this time it won’t be about the points. It’ll be about, what it’s supposed to have always been about. Just want to say to all of you. We have a great hobby here that I dearly love. And I’m sure that you all love as well. Until next time... may that post person deliver something happy to your door today! And maybe instead of hiding it from the wife, you can both share in the joy! Happy Collecting! kerry