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  1. Thanks Mike! I think she’s a beaut! thanks for the comment and compliment. happy collecting! kerry
  2. Thanks Tom. That was great. Everything but the part about having to eat crow, because Lisa is usually right about this kinda stuff. And I’m usually not. Very fortunate to have had her aboard. Dr said it cud have popped in hours or as much as two - three days? Would not have waited a week before it blew. Wheww. More scary now than when it happened almost a month ago. And it definitely wasn’t caused by the spill he said. So yea, very blessed, and lucky. A lot more going on, than meets the eye, lots of the time. I’m already back in the water surfing though. Got a little storm in the gulf and its sending a little southeast swell our way, on the east coast of FL. It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood! And... I got a platinum coil inserted via my femoral artery, into that aneurysm, in my brain. Pretty dam cool, the procedure they have now for what use to be actual brain surgery. Lisa is being spoiled. It’s never been a time in my life, until now, that I could say... this person saved my life. I probably would not have gone to get checked? Meanwhile, back at the ranch... on my other exciting front, I’m gonna let things calm down in NYC before I go up to see the boys. I shud wait til they’re crawling around really. Right? But I’ll head up that way in August, as this summer, on August 17th is the 50th anniversary of Woodstock. I was there last year for the 49th anniversary, at a private Jackson Brown concert at “The Barn”. (my first time) and think I can kill three birds here? by first, a trip to see the boys. Then a trip to Woodstock. And thirdly, hopefully... a trip to be in Chicago for the ANA show mid August. Then back to FL. ROAD TRIP!!! (in several planes, and a pile of Uber’s, actually) We’ll see I guess? Take care Tom ! Thank you for the note. 🍀
  3. Need to cash in some halves for some cents? (Brains) just refuse to grow up. thx man...
  4. Thanks for your early June comments on my Franklin half. I’m still learning the ropes here. Just surfaced from almost ten years ago. I’m really looking to get back into fellowship with everyone here.

    thx again,


  5. W.K.F.

    A much better photo

    Thank you so much for your comments Don. I look forward to conversing with you in the future about this silver half series we both like. Sorry for this late reply. I’m a bit tardy due to several big things happening in the first months of summer. I am following you now. cheers! kerry
  6. W.K.F.

    An Interesting Comparison

    What an interesting collecting world we live in. Those of you that know me, know modern coinage is not my first pick. Having said that, I own many graded modern coins in 70. Mint state and proof. Having said THAT, it just makes me a wee bit sad that most all my ms or pf 70 modern eagles in gold and silver have many, many hundreds, sometimes thousands of brothers and sisters of that same lofty grade in most any date I own. Three thousand mintage for this half is small, yet high, when 90+% will grade 69&70? Yet having said all the above, press one in Carson City is being used to strike these. That press. That CC mint mark. That nostalgia is tempting. The deal breaker aside from a post 2000 striking is the single C in the word copy. Gonna have to pass. Never bet another mans game, and never get outta the boat... Still a dam good looking half though! Would love to have any CC half. A branch mint that I never felt deep enough pockets to start collecting. I have zero coins of any denomination from Carson City. Will own a ten lib from cc one day. Just that day has not presented itself. Thx for this post. It’s great. cheers...☮️
  7. Well said Gary. Well said indeed. And thx on the congrats. I’m gonna try to plan a trip to Manhattan when things calm down a bit. And maybe try to coincide it with a trip same time, to the Windy City. I got this bud of mine that’s gonna be speaking at the ANA. We’ll see huh? All the best to you and yours Gary! may see ya soon? You take care!
  8. Hi Coinbuf, Thank you for this in-depth comment. I could not agree with you more. Starting long ago, raw or slabbed, it was always the coin that won out. Not the plastic. Also you’re spot on on the different positive attributes that NGC looks at compared to PCGS. Please forgive me for not commenting earlier. I’m still getting use to an actual app on NGC. And the navigation, photos, comments etc. I’m gonna spend the rest of the summer sorting out surfing and skating accidents and my second and third grandchild added to my growing family. Along with getting all my tens on here. All the best to you and yours! kerry
  9. Sorry for the delayed comment. Please post or let us know how those grades came out. Good luck and happy collecting! kerry
  10. Hello Collectors, I have been outta pocket for a bit as when you’re 65, you don’t do, look, or act like a “65” should. Feel like more of an au-55 at best. And I’m not talking about the age. Talking about the body grade. I had a skateboard accident recently and was prodded to take a trip to ER the next day by my girlfriend. Against my wishes of course. She actually witnessed the crash. Said I appeared to be airborne for minutes. Like a typical stupid guy, I turned down her offer for a ride back to the house a quarter mile away. Only broke my shades, and a small cut over the left eye. What followed was CT and X-ray of my whole left side. Partially dislocated shoulder. Three bruised ribs. One cracked rib. And lastly with the concussion, they found a five mm aneurism that had just begun to leak. Lisa actually saved my life. So glad I’m still here to continue to blow money on this crazy wonderful hobby of kings. Oh, and also my daughter in NYC gave birth to my twin grandsons one week ago Friday night 7/5/19. I’ve had a bunch going on and I’m just glad to be alive and be in Florida. None of this is about coins except the pic. Thank you for your patience. This is a coin from my favorite branch mint in the ten dollar series. 1854-O Small Date. And one that is closer to my body grade than a “65”. Yea... sure.. XF-45 is about my top condition. Compared to my age. Some luster still remains on this 165 year old ten. Also is a coin minted in the south 100 years before my birth year. And once I get these NGC tens in one place, get my decent photos, then back on here they will go. Until then... Last but not least, I’d like to thank all of you that have messaged me, on a post or two of late. Also the comments here. I’m loving hearing from each of you. You that I knew from 2008 onward, along with the new young guns. Keep this great thing going!!! Happy Collecting! kerry
  11. Still getting use to the way things are here. Could have posted the reverse here with the obverse before, but didn’t know how. I promise to continue to improve 🙃 this is a simply gorgeous example of a nicely toned 1950’s era mint set coin. kerry
  12. W.K.F.

    A much better photo

    Greetings... just wanted to share the obverse of the previously posted pic of my 1958 Franklin PCGS MS 67+ Highest graded non fbl Franklin for the year. One of about a hundred total at both grading agencies. Less than that with CAC also. This pic shows the beautiful colors much better imo. Hope you like it. I always say collect what you like. I like Frank! Happy Collecting to all kerry
  13. These are definitely the “Good Ol Days” right now! Well said! thx!
  14. Well said! The denarias and soldus of the ancient world that could have been had...Ben F was fortunately still in circulation when I started into coin collecting. Along with Walker halves, Mercury dimes, Buffalo nickels and an occasional silver dollar. Gonna do a piece soon on how and what got me started in coins. Thank you for your comment.
  15. Greetings Collectors, Answer... not in our lifetime. Yet we can always strive to make things better. And learn from history. i was born in 1954. A great year to be into coin collecting. Just not old enough then to buy any great coins at great prices. Yet. (would like to have loaded up on proof coinage from 1950-1953. Or maybe crawled to every big bank in and around Philadelphia a year later at age one, to load up on rolls of Lincoln cents of 1955) i just glanced at my first red book (22nd edition 1969) and looked to see what an 1894-S Ten dollar liberty was worth. (I’m in the market presently for one) Three conditions listed for 1894-S $10: fine- $45 very fine- $65 unc- $110 WOW! Almost as much as the 1893-CC Ten in unc, which was listed as worth $150. Probably could have found choice examples of both coins for far less than $250. Now that would be perfection! maybe a 1893-s Morgan in xf for $525? perfecter... 1955 dd obv cent in xf for $235? perfectist... or, a 1939-d Jefferson in unc for $40? mo-perfect... shoulda, woulda, could’ve... Price total today for all the above?? (mid to upper five figures) not a bad return 60-years later. Was the mid 20th century the twilight of beautiful American coinage? Imo yes. I’ve said nothing about standing Liberty halves and quarters, yet I own both, and believe them to extremely beautiful. Most everything minted from 1900-2000 is beautiful imo. But I sure do like gold liberty tens from 1839-1907 too. Actually the entire 19th century coinage too! Would love to have three $3 gold pieces, and four $4 Stella’s also. ( I’m not being greedy am I?) dam right I am. I checked and it was deemed ok! Anyway... The coin below in an NGC slab is a new addition. Of my four new Franklin’s, this is the only NGC example. All are CAC. I have a nice example already in my set from 1956. And own a couple others from 1956 in 66-fbl. I’ve seen some gorgeous toning from this year. More so than any other year, except the 1958. This was a beautiful example, that I feel I stole in a Heritage auction a couple weeks ago. There are very few of these attractive examples left of 1956 in ms-66 with full bell lines. And with CAC approval too. Sweet. Its always about the popularity of the series first. And then it’s about the population (the pop being very important in everything I collect). This determines value imo. This series, while not vastly popular like the Morgan dollar, Buffalo nickel, or Indian head pennies, (never been able to call them Indian head cents) it’s a silver series that has many scarce rarities if one looks at just how many of a certain grade is actually in captivity? I like em a lot. And they’re a way rarer larger silver coin than most realize. Study the 33-coin series. They’re beautiful and they’re scarce to very rare in 66 and above. Look at the mintages and populations at present. Compare how few their are when compared to other series with like-kind mintage and population numbers. With or without full bell lines, high grade pieces are rare to non existent. I still think that there is only one coin graded ms-67+? With FBL a 1963-D featured in a Heritage Long Beach Auction that ends in a couple days. A simply gorgeous example. Check it out. The bid at last look was at $15,500. I bailed out at $3500. Wouldn’t be surprised if the final hammer price is north of 30-k? in a perfect world I’d own a 1953-S FBL Franklin in MS-66... and... an 1894-s ten dollar liberty in regular old MS-65. Now that would be fine and then some. (I’d even settle for both coins in Anacs plastic.) I’d even settle for a full grade down on both too! A perfect world would be 1969 buy prices in 2019! But that wouldn’t stay fun long. 60 years from now 2019 buy prices may look extremely sweet? Thank you to all who have texted and commented on the last post. I really enjoy hearing other views on all of this that interests us. Keep em coming! Happy Collecting to all! kerry