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  1. Anyone have any they want to part with ? Thanks...
  2. That was very kind of you to do that research.
  3. Hey Roger did you happen to look to see what town she was from in Italy.. someone posted in the PCGS 1921 Peace $ thread some family historical records but again, they were silent as to the name of the town...
  4. Toned moderns (post 1964) arent cooling off.... matter of fact they are heating up...
  5. Trying to figure out prices on toners is almost impossible. This is almost completely subjective. The toners that Skyman is talking about cannot be reasonable priced. High quality toners are best to cosigned to an auction to realize the best prices. Even if you placed a 2 or 3x guide on those coins you might end up be well short of the true value as Skyman notes above. I would love to think that some of my toners are 4-5x guide but its difficult to imagine a lot of people paying that.
  6. Auction results minus 20-25% if you are trying to unload your collection en mass to a dealer. Guides mean nothing to me. Its what someone is willing to pay. I create lists on Amazon of auction results to keep track of them and of course Heritage has a great database of auction results.
  7. I have a 38-D with similar colors on the obverse (not as much though) so Im going with the NT crowd. As for grade, I cant grade Buffaloes to save my life. Hope it comes back MS for ya!
  8. Some are still at .99 cents with free shipping... these are going cheap ! High bidder on the PCGS Sample Slab gets the NGC Sample Slab for free!
  9. That was my first thought as well but I dont know Seated Dollars to be able to comment. I do believe in the old adage "if its too good to be true."
  10. Why after the first $5 million didnt he just leave the country and head to Belize... I will never understand why thieves dont understand that eventually they will be caught. Greed always does them in.
  11. Same coin, PCGS just gave it a color bump to a + and CAC'd at 67 and 67+... and that added $6k in value... Edit: My misread... I thought you were linking to another MS65, not the one in the OP. And yes I like the OP 65 better as well.