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  1. Hi, I know this Collection Manager is a great tool, but the problem with 'no price' despite having it in the price guides online is really annoying. Does anyone know a workaround/fix until the issue is resolved. Thanks
  2. Thanks alot for figuring that out. The picture on VAMworld has the exact same attributes as my coin. I finally understand exactly what people mean by 'clashed.'
  3. According to the NGC catalog your coin on the left should be brass. The sliver 20 cent coin from the Yunnan province looks very different. As for the coin on the right I can't make out any differences between the picture on NGC and yours. It would be a great find if it was 'for sure' real.
  4. I have a very interesting mark on one of my Morgans that is not recorded as a known VAM. I have the picture of the reverse of my 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar Philadelphia mint. In the top right set of leaves on the wreath sticking inward is what looks like 2 faint but definitely raised leaves. The second picture is a 10x magnification of the site which makes it harder to see the leaf. If anyone knows of a recorded VAM similar to what I am describing please comment below. Thanks!