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  1. Ram, Since you invaded what I consider my very private space I will tell you how I feel about your ranting on grading. To give you some background I to have been collecting for 50 years. You and I have one thing in common we had to learn how to grade on our own because it was a matter of survival. The problem I have with what you are asking is the complication of the subject. NGC and PCGS have brought some sense of order to a hobby that was in total chaos. Is their system perfect? No. Will it ever be? Probably not. One of the most important things that these two companies have done is to get the collectors hands off of the coins and protect them in holders. More collectable coins have been ruined by unknowledgeable collectors than anything else. The other thing that makes what they do so great is a platform from which you and I can easily tell our grandchildren about coin collecting. Hands on is a thing that children require, and the coins are protected thru the whole collecting story. To me these things have at least equal value to grading. I am afraid what you want will confuse the heck out anyone looking at the possibility of collecting coins. Where do you stop your system. If there is a surface blemish do you add a 1 to 10 score to that and then raise or lower the score of the surface by a .1, .5, .9, etc.? And what about "EYE APPEAL"? How are you going to put a 1 to 10 number on that baby. And don't tell me it is not part of grading. I have seen MS 66 coins with such bad toning that you can't even see the design. Coins I would not take as a gift. Another thing about grading that is so very hard to deal with is the fact that individual collectors see differently from each other for many reasons. Just like you and I do. Lets not take a great thing and turn it into what it took away. CONFUSION! The Swiss Knight, ME