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  1. Thank You for your time and consideration, this dime will be heading your way shortly. MTinis
  2. I have a very nice 1964 D/D dime with the CONECA: RPM-002. It is an early die state coin with all the markers listed by CONECA for this variety. My question is. While this variety is yet to be recognized by CherryPickers, is it eligible for inclusion for attribution by NGC? I have had several other coins that were not in the CherryPickers guide that were attributed and included in the Variety Plus listings. The most notably being a 1964 D/D Jefferson nickel with the CONECA: RPM-001. Additionally, Dr. James Wiles has inspected this1964 D/D Jefferson nickel as attributed and graded by NGC and said he will recommend it be included in the next CherryPickers update. As it stands, that nickel is the only known and attributed 1964 D/D Jefferson with the CONECA RPM-001. Therefore, is it possible to get a read on this dime before I send it in? Thank You MTinis
  3. What if any special labels will be available for the 2019 S ASE Enhanced Reverse Proof coin should one be lucky enough to get one from the mint tomorrow? Also, what would be the procedures to establish First Day of Issue for a submitted ASE?
  4. Well, it is my experience that the answer is yes and no! No if the variety is recognized in the CherryPickers guide and yes if it is listed with CONECA or Variety Vista. Now, having said that I have had to resubmit coins several times before the variety finally makes it to the label when the variety is not listed in CherryPickers; and usually will have to make it attention of DWLange. To say the least it becomes a tad expensive for all the resubmitting fees, handling fees, variety fees, mint error fees, and shipping fees to attribute a single coin. Of course this just my experience Milt
  5. I just noticed that this coin has been finalized and is being shipped back under NGC Cert # 4744953-001 without the variety listed. It was my understanding that NGC would in fact add this variety to the label especially since Dr. James Wiles added it to the Variety Vista listing. May I be told why this coin was rejected the variety that is clearly on it? Thank You Milt
  6. As soon as the coin makes it back I will resubmit it with Dr. Wiles documentation. Thank You Very Much for your consideration in this matter. Milt
  7. Earlier this year I submitted a 1964 D Jefferson nickel with what I believed had a D/D/D RPM. The submission number was 4911585. However, no RPM attribution was assigned. I have since sent this coin in its holder to Dr. James Wiles for his evaluation. I have since received notification that he has added this coin to his Variety Vista page under RPM-002 replacing another RPM. Currently, the coin and documentation are in the mail back to me. So, my question is this. Will NGC acknowledge Dr. Wiles attribution of this coin’s RPM and add it to my coin’s label? Thank You Milt
  8. MTinis


    I have three (3) NGC certified coins that I would like to re-holder due to scratches on the holder that distract the coins appearance. Two are silver and one is gold. May I submit all three coins on one form, or because one is gold it has to be on a separate form? None of the coins exceed $10,000 in value. Thank You Milt
  9. When submitting coins for grading that have varieties and other strike conditions, does one have to include a $12 per coin designation review fee for those strike designations? I ask, because I currently have a 1942 D/D (FS-501) Mercury dime submitted that I believe might have full bands (FB) but I did not specify a designation review. The coin shows scheduled for grading and indicates the FS-501 RPM but no Full Band designation. I did apply the Variety Plus fee to this coin and to a 1964 Washington Quarter with a type B reverse. Additionally, in the past I have submitted several Jefferson nickels with RPMs that should have had Five Step (FS) designations but did not come back that way. So, if this is the case please let me know that I might resubmit those nickels because it makes a large difference in their value. Earlier, I have had to resubmit several coins to pick up their varieties because at first I did not realize that the grading did not include anything beyond that. As you might imagine the costs for resubmitting can become expensive. Again, does the designation fee apply to such strike designations as Proof Like (PL), Star (*) . . . ? Thanks, Milt
  10. Hi Lisa I will send it off today attention Dave Lange. Thanks Again Milt
  11. Hi Lisa The NGC certification number is 4715189-001 MS66 RD. Sorry for the error the first time. Thank You Milt
  12. Yesterday, I received back a 1964 D Lincoln penny (471589-001 MS66 RD) where in NGC refused to attribute the obvious RPM on the coin claiming it is not eligible. This coin clearly has a recognized RPM (CONECA: RPM #9) and it is my understanding that NGC does add to its Variety Plus listings for other recognized varieties. Therefore, should I re-submit my coin back to NGC or send it to ANACS to have the variety added to the label? Thank You Milt
  13. Recently you corrected the census (See Post NGC Census) thru Variety Plus to include a row for the 1964 D/D Jefferson nickel, of which mine submission is the only one. However, when I do a certification verification check the results show that there are 239 more examples in higher grade than mine (4706891-002 MS65). How can that be if mine is the only example? I would appreciate it if you could correct the verification information to reflect the census information. Thank You Milt
  14. MTinis

    NGC Census

    Hi Matt Thank you for the response. I also would like to ask if NGC will be creating a census listing for the 1964 D/D VP-002 Jefferson nickel? I ask that because when I do a certification verification it shows 10 other of these coins in higher grade then mine and Zero in my grade. Interestingly, when I search for the 1958 type 2 reverse Franklin it shows only 3 of these type 2 coins listed in the census, but 7,129 coins in higher grade than mine when doing the verification check. I look forward to the corrections Thanks Again Milt
  15. MTinis

    NGC Census

    I am wondering why my latest two submissions are not showing in the census? 1. 1958 Type 2 Reverse Franklin, 4706891-001. 2. 1964 D/D VP-002 Jefferson Nickel, 4706891-002. This coin seems to have generated a new item in the Variety Plus listings and NGC is using the photo of my coin's RPM in the details section for this RPM. However, they is no listing for this in the census, and yes I am trying to access the census both thru the Variety Plus pages and or the NGC Census pages. It would be appreciated if these coins were included in the census. Thank You Milt