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  1. hi y'all these are the USB Microscope photos; can you pls look and give your incite. thanks
  2. see reverse of this 1958 - left & right wheat dbl ?
  3. is this a token or prototype indian head one cent before creation of final die for indian head business strike? see the size relative to modern quarter. does this have any $ value ?
  4. hi just bob, it was like that fresh from the roll i got from the bank. i was difficult to get a good photo because of dk brown color
  5. hi mohawk & bob i need your input pls, Click to choose fil
  6. hi i have the same exact dk brown; can someone please comment on these thanks
  7. I need a second opinion if i got it right counting the steps of this 2003 D Nickel with errors on obverse and reverse. Please feel free to view the video in this URL : https://youtu.be/b4wNu9137pE