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  1. Hi, was just wondering if you guys were planning special labels for the 100th anniversary Morgans and Peace dollar coming out? The 2016 labels were great. Hoping there will be attractive ones for these as well. I know a lot of people don't care but I think it adds an element of attractiveness to the overall package. I'd suggest maybe an old (or new) pic of the original mints they're associated with on part of it with obvious labeling to help quickly distinguish which is which once they're on the open market.
  2. Well I may as well throw my hat into this thread as a current CT member vagrant. It's not a scam. I've been a member there since 2008. In general I enjoy the forums there. But, I just recently got banned for SIX days without warning for posting in the bullion forum. Another discussion about inflation walked the line of politics and that was it. No warning. Just banned for six days. I think, without naming names, I said the idea that raising corporate income taxes would actually pay for anything we're spending this year was a joke and that it would actually take 20 years with no
  3. And here I was getting antsy about my economy submission delivered 4/07 and todays 4/13. Its sitting in their P.O box not getting accepted or entered. It looks like this has been going on for months. I did see the current turnaround time was 38 days for economy. That's updated but have to wonder if that's after the mail is accepted or including that delay? It's pretty ridiculous. You think once it arrives there the clock starts but that is not the case. Feel bad for anybody who paid for faster shipping or expedited services.
  4. Hi, the old site allowed for you to post a signature banner of your sets at your favorite forum so people could see what you were up to. I like the banner. I haven't seen this feature with the new site. Is there any plan to bring this feature back? I would think you guys would want the free advertising.
  5. Will the new 2021 Morgans and Peace dollar count in the US type set registries?
  6. I find it interesting that so many people at the top don't even bother to select NGC's photo to be included so people can view their set. It seems to me anybody could plug in the serial number of a coin for sale to boost their score. As long as it doesn't sell and even if it did sell and somebody didn't go to use it in a registry set, they can claim it's theirs without any proof and collect the rewards. Without any proof or custom photos. I'd hope this wasn't happening but I'd be shocked if it wasn't. Using your own photos should be a requirement at a minimum in my opinion. So that
  7. Ok, dumb question time. I just submitted my first PCGS slabbed coin for my registry set. I've never entered one before as I couldn't since I've been here. I noticed the field for entering the slab number would not take the entire number so I just entered the last set of numbers after the decimal point. Did I enter it correctly? I haven't seen this info posted anywhere. Submitted Dec. 26th and still waiting. Not a big deal but I'm curious if I did it right or if it will get rejected.
  8. Was just checking out the new beta version of the registry and noticed I had dropped 67 spots. Then I noticed that points for PCGS slabs are showing up again. Are we changing back to PCGS slabs counting again or is this a glitch? Just noticed in the classic view PCGS slabs were not showing up for points. The new format looks great btw. Very nice viewing full screen.
  9. Hello. I just submitted my first batch of coins to NGC. One was a crack out that I had in an album, that I had personally cracked out. I submitted it in a Saflip with the rest of them but I taped the label it had onto the plastic. It doesn't classify as a re-holder because it is raw and I didn't ask for a re-grade. Basically I'd be happy with the same grade on it but was wondering if they will be willing to look at the label and compare to photos they have to verify it's the same and just re-use the grade and serial number? Or will it now be newly graded with a new number? Its a br