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  1. Thank you all, also codition dont make it any easier lol, i have another from simular era, different, but I think more unique and an enigma as well that I would sure like imput on. Ill post pics soon. Thanks for all your time and help! Capone1929
  2. My 2019 S Silver Eagle ERP scored ER 69. Why???

  3. Capone1929

    Error coin?

    Thank you for your time, thank you for the reply, thank you for the knowlege as I learned a couple new things today, I appreciate it, Thank you, Have a Safe and Happy Holidays! Sincerely, Capone1929
  4. Capone1929

    Error coin?

    So it is an error a plateing error? Lamination error? Not an error?Possible Value? Thank you, I do appreciate the help, I will remember to start a new thread each time I have a question about a coin. Thank You, Capone1929
  5. Capone1929

    Error coin?

    Ok I stand corrected, should I redo it or do you know about this penny, Thanks
  6. Capone1929

    Error coin?

    Well this was a thread I started, the quarter above is mine so dont think im piggybacking anything, but I didnt know I should start one for each, I appologize for that, however you dont need to be so rude about it and be a jerk, Im a grown man that deserves respect not no little kid that needs scaulded, I simply didnt know, Thanks for the help!
  7. Capone1929

    Error coin?

    Hello all, I found this interesting 1984 d Lincoln Cent while coin roll hunting, I believe it is a gas bubble error/lamination error it also has flaking on the obverse and appears to have a double date and MM as well Appears to be offcenter with a slight rotation to the reverse! It is Red-R/B with complete pinwheels on both o/r of coin or almost full pinwheels and has luster! Major distortion and lots of bubbles on both o/r! Looks like the surface of the moon but is actually a really nice coin otherwise! What exactly type of error is this? Multi Error? Value? Any help would be appreciated, I appologize if I send too many pictures as I am only trying to give you a good view of the coin. Thank You, Sincerely, Capone1929
  8. Nice toning, Franklin Halfs have always been one of my favorites.
  9. Hello All! So Many Wonderful coins, on a blessed year! God bless rudolph, chris, and ***?*** Capone1929
  10. Hello all, so many beautiful coins, yes that is a spectacular example kbbpll!