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  1. Wow what a beautifully rainbow toned Indian Head Cent! A georgious coin!
  2. This 1908 S is a wonderful coin, better date and mint mark! Sweet!
  3. 1896 Barber half Dollar Switched it from quarter dollars to half dollars
  4. Midevil 1625 Polish Silver 3 Groschen almost 400 years old!
  5. Just a circulated 1895 Barber Quarter Hello, What a beauty! Nice coins Community!
  6. Hello and welcome! It will help you to learn some numismic terminology, Here are a couple pointers that will help you The front of the coin is referred to as the (obverse) and back is referred to as the (reverse). Never clean a coin in any way no matter condition! I'm not 100% sure but I'm taking an educated guess here is all so you may want more opinions! Now I believe this coin is a Silver or bronze Ancient India Yaudheya Tribal coin or a copy of one, however It appears well struck and authentic to me! I could be wrong as I do not have it in my hand under my loop nor am I an expert, like I said Its an educated guess is all, as for the exact date of the coin I have no exact however I would say C. 220 A.D. or earlier! These are pretty common, but there are rarer ones that demand more, and this reflects the price however, I can not say that either send it in to NGC for grade or authentication for an expert eye on it! I hope this helps some! Take care of your coins, Welcome to the NGC Forum, Good luck, Sincerely, Associate Member Capone1929
  7. Yeah I have noticed in my research over the years and I still have a lot to learn or want to learn, but I have noticed a lot of varieties maybe majority are in proofs and S proofs, not all but a lot were in Uncirculated coins however the buffalo nickel sure has quite a few circulated varieties, and I'm sure in a lot of other coins possibly undiscovered ones as well, however Its a constant learning experience in numismatics all together, but that's what makes the hobby great I think, an awesome find, learning something that expands my knowledge, or helps my collection expand. Does the reverse of that 45 D look a little rotated to you? It looks rotated a little to me, maybe not enough to demand a premium but does it look like it to you as well?
  8. Aphrodite Godess of Love? Venus? Obverse is of a man and woman making love!! Also looks like some sort of gear, wheel, or sproket, I'm stumped???
  9. I seen a little about 1945 DDO and DDR varieties of that year and I believe the 43 has a misplaced MM variety but yeah I looked and the mint mark definitely appears to be lower and almost looks like a D over P as it is filled with a tail but not 100% positive if it is an error or variety! Thank you for bringing that to my attention interesting to say the least, Capone1929
  10. 1700-1830 AD AU/BU Gold Fanam Sultan of India hoard
  11. Roman empire not sure exactly what it is but Early Roman Empire for sure about all I know about this lil coin. Aphrodite Godess of Love? Venus? As the obverse image is of a Man and woman making love!!! Looks like a gear or wheel of some sort as well, I'm stumped 😒