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  1. What do you mean mishandled and I believe it is a proof explain mishandled if you don't mind
  2. So you think it's been cleaned from the appearance in picture 1941 DDO would you happen to have a image on hand Thank you for the comment
  3. Thank you for the correction I was dog tired when I posted don't know why I said memorial Thanks
  4. A newcomer to coin collecting could use all the advice and assistance offered, Thank you in advance looking forward to making friends in the coin world 

  5. Just wanted your opinion u seem to be a professional at this I need all the assistance I can get when I can most are not friendly at all I was wondering about the color of the penny 2014 usually bright
  6. Okay kool Thank you for the knowledge and information back to searching for the 1969 S mint talk with you when I have it lmbo stay safe stay kool
  7. Awesome, I just saw another in a post from later date Thanks for bringing to my attention lmbo frrrrr I should still keep in Collection correct or scrap it
  8. Can I ask you what is the image sitting inside Lincoln Monument I see Okay dieonard I see you are correct now? How do someone Modify a coin with the image there frrrr that still great work lmbo lmbo lmbo
  9. So dieonard you're saying that you have seen many of these images I am new to selling coins but collecting no and I swear I have never seen or heard it mentioned in any forum, so if you don't mind I would appreciate if you can SHOW me just one can you do that ohhhhh and modified huh are you saying that I done modification or you just giving your opinion
  10. Can someone please take a look at the picture is that an error on the mint
  11. Yes I notice that, so with that rim damage it's not worth getting graded even if it may be a 1965 minted on a 1964 plate I am just asking I appreciate all the assistance I can get I am a beginner at this so again Thank you for the reply
  12. DWLange how are you are you replying to me or to the quater that is posted
  13. Can anyone give me some advice on this coin, new to collecting