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  1. What do you mean mishandled and I believe it is a proof explain mishandled if you don't mind
  2. So you think it's been cleaned from the appearance in picture 1941 DDO would you happen to have a image on hand Thank you for the comment
  3. Thank you for the correction I was dog tired when I posted don't know why I said memorial Thanks
  4. A newcomer to coin collecting could use all the advice and assistance offered, Thank you in advance looking forward to making friends in the coin world 

  5. Just wanted your opinion u seem to be a professional at this I need all the assistance I can get when I can most are not friendly at all I was wondering about the color of the penny 2014 usually bright
  6. Okay kool Thank you for the knowledge and information back to searching for the 1969 S mint talk with you when I have it lmbo stay safe stay kool
  7. Awesome, I just saw another in a post from later date Thanks for bringing to my attention lmbo frrrrr I should still keep in Collection correct or scrap it