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  1. $545 via PayPal. Free shipping in the USofA. I'm terrible at posting pictures but will happily send cell phone photos to any interested parties. Just got this at a small local auction
  2. I've been attending a lot of auctions since I retired and coins are almost always a big part of them. I see some people using red books, others using blue one. Can someone give a brief explanation of the differences, and which would be better for me to buy? Thanks.
  3. Can someone explain why this is a $100 face instead of the usual $50 for a one ounce gold coin?
  4. Kennedy Half Dollars Volume 1, 2 and 3 Washington Quarters Volume 1 and 2 Eisenhower and Susan B 1979-1999 Presidential Dollars 2007 on. Bought at an estate sale for less than the face value of the Presidential dollars contained in it. Most books had three to five coins, except the Susan Bs and Presidential books contained $24 coins. Coins were carefully removed and the albums present fine. $11 shipped media mail anywhere in the USofA. Would be open to a trade for coin flips.