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  1. Hello everyone, Out of these Kennedy Halfs which do you recommend I take for grading? I took photo's thru 1981. I am unfamiliar as to when they become considered all cameos because of new technology etc. The set actually has cameos up through 1999. Also curious would you consider any of these deep cameo? what differentiates, deep from just cameo? Thank you for your considerations! Pauline
  2. Thank you all for your help. My next question is, We have over 10,000 coins that we need to research.. I don't know where to begin searching. Bought the Mega red 3rd edition, only to find , not all coins are in there. There is a coin show in Vegas this week, where I can get coins graded... I have no idea what coins to bring to grade. There are Peace Dollars,(we noticed early on my uncle was removing proof and mint sets and putting them elsewhere! which even i know not to open mint sealed sets.. and there is a 1922 or 23 peace dollar that looks like it has a satin finish? many sets of uncirculated coins, 2 sets of roosevelt dimes, tons of quarters pennies, gold coins, 50 $ double eagles (that are dated 1984) a miniature gold coin, some with the roman numerals others with regular numeric dates.. presidential sets, US territory sets.. the list goes on and on. So what would you recommend on where to start?
  3. Hello everyone, My uncle just passed recently. We are in the process of researching and selling off his massive coin collection. We came across this set of Kennedy half dollars. My question is, why is the 1968 Kennedy face not frosted like the rest of the coins in this collection? If I understand correctly, most of these are Deep cameo, gem quality.. But if you look at the 1968 the face its different. Why? is this an error or what? Yes I am new to all this ;). Thank you in advance for your help.