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  1. Good morning all, been awhile since I posted. I have been searching all the VAM websites attempting to find this VAM I have on (several) 1926 peace dollar. Its the exact bar wing error on the 1922 and 1923 but they are on my 1926 peace dollars... ?? is this something no one else has found? Sorry I don't have access to it right now to take a photo, but am curious if this is a rarity or not?
  2. yes it does. I was researching my uncles coins and found several of those. the thing is I was using PCGS's site was because those are coins recognized as errors. I have several of VAM worlds neck breaks as well.. (can't remember what they are called).. But PCGS doesn't recognize that as an error to be graded, correct? At least it wasn't on the Top 50 peace dollar VAM's.
  3. Ok,. .. So I have several Bar Wing error peace dollars. 1923...but what is kinda freaking me out, is I have several that have the same error but on a 1922 Peace Dollar. If you look at the 1923 VAM 1-O Bar Wing photo, I have that spike that sticks up like a bar, but also have that same one on coins dated 1922. Can't find that as an error anywhere. Does anyone know about this?
  4. Hello Again, Ive been searching my uncles proof sets. I am now into the 1990s. I just found in his 1996S proof set a penny with , from what I have been reading about, a wide AM and seeing other photos of the 1992 Wide and Close AM , This looks like a wide to me, the A & M are not almost touching as would be with the close AM. Correct or incorrect?? Am I misunderstanding? Was the wide AM error on a business strike? and the proofs had the wide AM as a normal feature? Your input would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! Pauline Reference photos: http://www.num
  5. Thank you bsshog. In the morning when I am not so lazy and I will take better photos..
  6. Good Evening Everyone! So was looking through my proof sets and came across this set. Blue circles forming around the Half, the quarter and in front of Roosevelts face. Tried to get a good shot but it is actually a bit more blue in person.. So 4 questions 1. Is this what toning looks like? 2 How does this happen in a mint sealed proof set? 3. Is this detrimental to the proof set? 4. Does this increase or decrease value? (or is that subjective to the eye of the beholder?) Thanks all!
  7. Thank you for the article Just Bob. I've been learning so much from everyone here, as well as immersing myself in reading articles for my uncles collection. I guess its easy to know a proof set, its sealed...but how do you know if a raw coin is a business strike that is uncirculated? Thanks again!
  8. I hope i can reference PCGS. I have been researching a proof set that I have from 1968. They are selling for around 11.00 on ebay. What is confusing me is this How did that penny 1968-S 1C, RD (Regular Strike)graded at MS67+ Sell for $3995.00? Is it from a proof set that was opened? I guess I don't get why one whole set of the same year, same proof set selling for 11.00 yet the penny which is a mint strike command such a price? Is Mint state the same as proof?? how do they determine Mint , Proof, if someone submits a coin for gradi
  9. thank you. I have moved on to proof sets.. Will return to pennies after i get through researching the larger coinage.
  10. got it thanks. Yes Ive been finding some red/ red brown? coins but when I compare them to other reds online... they don't look the same. mine are like this:
  11. Thanks Bob. So does this mean that all pennies made in 1944-45 made out of brass? Is this worth my efforts to have graded?
  12. I have been searching the net and can't find any errors with the 1945 penny. Is this one? it is odd to think it could have been the only letter worn off out of all of them on the Reverse.
  13. Thank you JKK. Very informative. Wish my daughters were into coins, they both live in Oregon.