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  1. So i have managed to turn what used to be a fun part time way to fund some of my collecting into a full time Ebay and facebook business. Im learning a lot and have surrounded myself with the best in the business in the roundtable guys in my opinion and they've really been extremely helpful to me both in mentorship and making it possible to buy a little better than i could otherwise I believe. Today i was looking at my inventory and realized that i had sold ALL of my bust halves. And ALL of my slabbed morgans. Which wouldnt seem like a big deal normally but it kinda got me i a d
  2. Im opening a store soon in spicewood Texas with a 90 day lease just to see how it goes. The guy I've been dealing with for my wholesale buying needs just blew it with me and I'm looking for a dealer that can leave me a little room and that will accept this 10k a week or so I'm trying to spend. Pm me with whatcha got im ready to buy now. For my personal collection im always in the market for high grade pcgs or ngc early halves. I'm a sucker. Au50 or better. Cacs preferred. Thanks for your help