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  1. This dime has rather interesting toning for a non-silver coin. This dime was in some returned change. How does a regular 2005 D Roosevelt dime get toned like this? Sunlight? s
  2. This penny has some sauder on the edge about 4 mm worth. I had the sauder removed by a jeweler (they did a professional job) . So this penny is a details coin (maybe cleaned or maybe ex-jewelry). But, the question is: What do I do with it now? Trade, sell, buy a piece of gum... It may be worth grading because it's uncommon. But, is the condition: AU Details, XF Details, or something else? Is that worth enough to grade or worth anything at all? I'd be interested in any ideas you had for this coin.
  3. I saw this coin on display and liked it. But, I did know if it was cleaned? I wasn't sure about rim damage? And the toning made me not too confident about condition? I offered $210. Was that price way low or way high? I don't really know. (NOTE: The individual didn't get back to me, so the offer may have been too low.)
  4. Hi, if you want to get more than base metal prices for your coins, then some things you can do is work on coin presentation. Also, you can look for error varieties.
  5. Grease strike throughs are very common for the most part, and only grease strikes which have obliterated large areas of the coin have any added value. However, for mint error sets strike through grease could be a valuable lower cost filler. This Kennedy coin has a warm darker luster instead of shinny one, but I didn't know why before the considered responses of coinman1794 and WoodenJefferson. Reference: sullivannumismatics.com/information/articles/strike-through-error-coins
  6. "I took the time and enlarged the obverse, what I originally saw was revealed as a furrow and pushed up metal on the truncation of the bust." - WoodenJefferson Is a "furrow and pushed up metal" something that happens in the mint? See attached for image near the 6 of 1776 ending in the obverse base of the Kennedy bust.
  7. Hi physics-fan3.1416, My apologies... NIFC not NIFS. NIFC stands for Not Issued for Circulation or Not Intended for Circulation. Generally referred to with Kennedy Half Dollars made for mint sets after 2002.
  8. Wow. I'd never heard of struck through grease. Thank you.
  9. I came across this Kennedy Half dollar in rough shape. However, on the reverse at 10 o'clock and obverse at 8 o'clock there seems to be a lamination mint error. But, I have not seen a lamination mint error in person before. So, do you think this a lamination mint error or not? Thanks.
  10. Do you know why this 2002 Kennedy Half Dollar isn't shinny? This coin seems to still have some cartwheel mint luster. But, the finish is more matte than silver. I don't really want to clean it, just to see if it's covered in thin film of dirt. The matte color is rather uniform. I am new to collecting NIFS Kennedy Half Dollars, so I haven't seen too much variation. Any ideas? Thanks.
  11. Hi Thecoinnoob, This seems to be a case of 'Grade the coin, not the holder.' This seller has a 30 day return policy, so if the coin isn't as good in person, you have time to send it right back. As an additional caveat, coins on eBay tend to be cleaned, and cleaned coins aren't the best candidates for UNC grading by 3rd party grading.