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  1. Ahhh...my Friend is so disappointed. I hate that I had to be the one to tell him. But I guess it's better to know than not to know.
  2. Well alrighty. You do have some of the most odd explanations. I still have the screenshot of a reeded Cent you explained for me. It is tucked away neatly in my 'explanations' album. This too will be. So then it is real but he probably shouldn't send it in then. Ima try to stop him. Thank you all very much. You know I love ya and I mean it.
  3. Yes Sir. I thought I had done something wrong here and it wasn't getting posted because of the exclamation point by the title and I couldn't get it to go away so I posted it there also. Thank you very much. And have a great and awesome day.
  4. Alrighty then. Thank you all for your input. I am maybe more confused now. Lol! Jk. Really, cause I looked at these photos all day and was going cross-eyed, I'm sure. I noticed most of what you've pointed out and will now look at the areas that I didn't notice before. I was kind of hoping to hear more about what I would call a 'thickness' of the design elements. To me it's like everything is blunted. But y'all don't see it so I'm sure it is my tired eyes. Thanks again. I do appreciate you all.
  5. Hey guys, I admit to asking over in the Ask NCS/NGC Forum 1st but I think I did something wrong so decided to ask here. I asked there because I have never seen any IHC questions here and I know that David co-wrote a book about them, so there ya go. My friend has this IHC and we are trying to find out if it is counterfeit or not. We weren't even thinking that until another dude said he thinks it is but he is as newbie as I am, sooo... I have studied up and there are some differences between it and some I have looked at online, like the 6 and the 8 and the curl on the cheek and lines of the shield but idt these things would be effected on a fake coin but rather, like I read that usually the coin will appear to have been stamped from a worn die and the edge would be rounded, things like that. Anyway, here are the pictures and it is in weight for an 1860 IHC. Idr what the weight is but is much more than the 1864 3.1gms. I do think it has been cleaned, by what I have no,idea because there is no grunge at all on it. So your input is requested and appreciated.
  6. I posted to ask NCS/NGC and when I hit post this icon came up by my title. Dies it mean that my question has a problem and wasn't submitted for approval or does it just means it isn't approved yet?
  7. Hey, I generally post to the Newbie Forum but felt this is a special case and noticed this ask NCS/NGC area and thought it might be better. Mostly because I never see much over there about IHC's. So here goes...a Friend on FB paid quit a sum for this coin and was about to send it in for grading when someone mentioned the 6 and the position of the necklace and said he was sure it was a fake. Now I like this guy and all but he is as new to Numismatics as I am so thought I would ask the experts, and that'd be you guys. It is an awfully pretty coin to be from 1860 so likely is a counterfeit I suppose, but your input would be greatly appreciated because I know that y'all know what the Heck you're talking about. Thanks for any input you have be it good or bad. Have a great day!
  8. Come to think of it Mr. Coins and Medals, 2 if not 3 of the coins in this collection likely came from you.
  9. I'm gonna have to tell my friend Lenny about Lenny the turtle. Idk what I'll choose next but for now am building my collection of Proofs. I have been looking at the token world and there are so.e interesting designs there. But who knows. We shall see.
  10. I do not know yet. For now I am building up Proofs Sets until I find something I really like.
  11. Thanks Bob. It's likely the only one I will do like that. I just love the Moon, and whole Kennedy deal, and I did try to use as many bi-centennial coins as were spaces for because 76 was an great year for me, and I just really liked the whole look of it.
  12. The green apple of doom. That's funny. Yeah, for me the site will never allow more than a certain size or something. Shows a giant warning but then occasionally it will let me put them into the comments. Idk? I will try again and screenshot the alert that pops up. Yep, Mr Show, it is a closed group, but a great one all the same. I am very picky and have been in many groups only to depart days and sometimes hours after joining, mostly because I don't play well with rudipoos and find it hard to hold my tongue. I do wish I could show all these guys cause they are the ones that have helped me to learn the most about the Numistics world and I owe them a peek at what I accomplished. I hate that it won't let me. Heck, I even bought some of the coins from these guys! Welp! Lookie there! It's accepting it!
  13. It won't allow my photo. But if you want to see it for real, I invite you to my FB page, Karen Elizabeth Holcomb or to my main FB group, https://www.facebook.com/groups/487835041590151/ And you'll find it there. Sorry, but thanks for all y'alls support this past year.