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  1. KarenHolcomb

    '96 Lincoln w/ feeder finger gouges?

    A typical case. Lol!
  2. KarenHolcomb

    '96 Lincoln w/ feeder finger gouges?

    They are. Idk if they will make much difference if I try to show them to a blind judge with a seeing eye dog. I so look forward to Thanksgiving each year more for Mr Guthrie than the bird.
  3. KarenHolcomb

    '96 Lincoln w/ feeder finger gouges?

    That's what I want to know. Things just like that. Thanks Condor.
  4. KarenHolcomb

    '96 Lincoln w/ feeder finger gouges?

    See, that's where I WANT to be. The one that figures out what occured to cause that particular mark. Like, I know that's likely impossible past a certain point, but for example, I hate the group terms people use like machine double and planchet error, because there are different facets that cause different looking machine doubling and SOOOO many different defects that a planchet can have. I want to see a name on it, see? Die wear is the worst. I mean a worn die can encompass 30 different errors and I want to know what causes each. Does that make sense? I know most folks don't give a darn amd it is a useless endeavor, but I am still young enough to figure it all out. Even if only for muself. Gives me something to do anyway.
  5. KarenHolcomb

    Not getting back the same coin sent in?

    I think you are fine. If he did get something back different I am sure it was just in error. Those people that work there aren't allowed to be involved with any coins outside of work.
  6. KarenHolcomb

    Not getting back the same coin sent in?

    Hey, I've never sent one in anywhere, but if I did it would be to either NGC or ANACS and ANACS only because there's no membership fee. But nobody will see me in a PCGS OR ANACS chatroom because I am a very loyal human and my loyalty does lie right here. Honestly I was hoping an admin would see this and remove it and pass on the info. Of course I wasn't aware they are such a huge company and now I suppose one guys coin being mistaken for another isn't going to effect them enough to bother with anyway.
  7. KarenHolcomb

    Not getting back the same coin sent in?

    Wait a minute now, I didn't say it was true, only that this guy is saying it happened. He is new, like inherited his collection a month or so ago, but he showed pictures. I only want somebody to know so they can be prepared should dude make contact. Plus with the happenings with ole boy at PCGS this past week I figure there has to be some governing agency that is going to be watching all these companies that grade and attribute. Anyway, here are the screenshots from that day. I will look and see if anything has been added.
  8. Just an FYI here. Some dude on FB is claiming he sent a coin to NGC for grading and they sent him back a totally different coin. I have screen shots if anyone needs to see them. I'd say since a founder at PCGS was just fired this claim could hurt NGC in the midst of what all is about to come down and since this is where my loyalty lies felt I should mention it. Have a great day.
  9. KarenHolcomb

    '96 Lincoln w/ feeder finger gouges?

    I guess I'm gonna have to study the purpose and action of the feeder fingers next. And here I thought I already knew it all! Not. Lol! Coinman, you have me all wrong. At this point I've long since figured out that I'll never get rich off my pocket change and have changed my interest more toward learning everything I can about everything there is to learn about Numismatics, so that everyone will think that I am a genius because I know it all. Really, that's my goal. Although I may purchase a coin now and then if it tickles my fancy extra fast. See I have a folder that I add copys of all the different damage I find, whether mint made or PMD, with circles and arrows and a paragraph on each one explaining what happened to make whatever mark as it was explained to me. See? If you thought of Alice's Restaurant there then we can be friends. Really the reason I even looked at my 1st Wheatback was because I have too much time to do nothing and collecting coins seemed like something I could enjoy and would make the hours alone not quite so long. Thus far it has served that purpose and so I am happy. Yes, I had hoped to get rich in a short amount of time, or at least be able to afford to start a real collection, but those thoughts quickly went by wayside and I was dumb to even have them. But the vast number of coins and the information behind them thrills me as much as getting rich so that's what I'll do. Learn about them and pass on what I learn to those that care to listen. See? Not everyone is here just to make a buck and I am truly sorry if that is your impression of your fellow collectors. Do have a nice day, Sir.
  10. KarenHolcomb

    '96 Lincoln w/ feeder finger gouges?

    Thanks Condor. I think they are very similar to the photo in err-ref. That said, Coinman, in err-ref.com they show that 1st photo up top here and refer to the marks as Feeder Finger Gouges. So if the lines on my coin are caused by the same scenario then they are FFG too, right. I wouldn't imagine that John Wexler would be mistaken-but anything is possible. And I wouldn't imagine how the pictures and my coin and wexlers coin can be so much alike but not caused by the same thing.
  11. KarenHolcomb

    Removing Verdigris

    Really? I bought my tiny bottle from Wizard's and I didn't get any satisfaction at all.
  12. KarenHolcomb

    Worth grading?

    Dangit Derrell, where'd you come from? Lol! I didn't realize I was reading your post again.
  13. KarenHolcomb

    What should I get to coin collect?

  14. KarenHolcomb

    '96 Lincoln w/ feeder finger gouges?

    So def not feeders fingers, huh? Ok. I'm just looking for answers to add for my "explanations" file. Thanks so much for the input.