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  1. Hi Beav, nice to meet you. I have been needing to force myself back downtown to that shop and now I have another reason. I am definitely going to do it. No more excuses. Thanks to you all! It's a great day.
  2. Oh ! I am so very sorry. I was just going to bed and was very tired. At least now I know what one of your J's stands for. My Dad is a John also. Great name. The greatest actually. So these boxes and tins, most brick and mortars have one to look through, huh? I have only ever been inside an actual store once many years ago and it was gross so I never went back.
  3. I hear you Bob I hear you, Bob. What I have noticed is how each one I see, mostly in pictures and maybe these are the 'ancients', is how different they are. I rarely see 2 with the same obverse figure. I absolutely love the ones that depict whatever ruler was in control at the time a coin was made. I am a big fan of ancient history at least for as little as I know it and I find it very intriguing and learning their history through their monies would definitely be the best way to do it. Although I am very surprised to hear that the coins are so easily obtainable, I'd have thought them rare if achievable at all and very expensive. Now that I know I was incorrect I'm thinking harder on making them my primary focus. I am getting tired of my Proof Sets. They get boring after so many being one after another of the very same thing. .
  4. Hey Tom. I was very excited to give out my little Bags-O-Coins for the kiddos to find, and never EVER expected to see anything from the Drop. I am very excited to have these two new and mysterious coins to look into. I have been looking for something that would peak my interest to start collecting. Perhaps it is going to be World Coins. Bob, I wondered the exact same thing. I suppose since they look Canadian and Canada is on par with us they $2 coin likely was accepted as $2. Idek what the denomination on the other is but is the same size as a nickel. I am just thrilled to have them regardless.
  5. Hi Fellows. I believe this is my 1st posting to this room. I saw Mohawk and Conder have been here so I figured it must be a good room. I'd like to share a couple of coins my guy brought home today that I can only assume came into circulation via the Great American Coin Drop last month. I say that I am shocked to have seen anything at all since me and only 1 other person from my state had dropped anything and labeled it on the map. I was super excited to get them because I have never seen either before and I have yet to Google them and see exactly what they are and what inspired their reverse designs, but I do look forward to doing just that as soon as I check out these Proofs Sets I recd on Saturday. So have a look and tell me what you think. Have a great evening! Karen
  6. Thank you Karen I will be keeping it I'm new to this as well but enjoy every minute of it

    1. KarenHolcomb


      Good deal  dude.  I think it is nice looking cent. And it's  copper. Everything copper is a keeper. 

    2. KarenHolcomb


      Btw, if you are on FB you should  search some  of the coin  groups  there  and find  a few that  you  like. Different  groups  seem to be geared towards different personalities so I'm  sure  there's  a couple  you  may  find  helpful.  I am part of The Money Vault which you may or may not like but you're welcome to give it a try.

  7. I am by no means an expert, but I can confidently say that the second cent is merely bubbles caused by the zinc. This is very common in post 82 cents. Eventually they will turn to zinc rot and rupture. I want to say the same about the 1st coin although they use a different term, linear plate something or other. But both are caused by inferior plating mixes. Have you checked the website error-ref.com ? It is a wealth of great information on types of errors and their causes, if known.
  8. Dude we would have great time showing off our oddities. I have several weird breaks and chips that look like different things too. Thanks for sharing yours.
  9. All the big letters are because they have been smashed down, nothing more. It wouldn't really matter if it were a fat letter DD because the condition of the coin, especially the Vedigras, pretty much ruins any value it may have had at some point. Condition, condition, it's all about condition.
  10. Thanks Fellows. Most people have said an Improper Alloy Mix or I even heard sandpaper from one guy, but the 2 cats that were talking wrong metal sure gave a great argument for it and they sucked me right in. I knew better, I suppose. That's why I came here with it. There's really not any good shops near me o I will put it with all my other potential million dollar coins and maybe one day it, and the rest, will be held by hand other than my own. You know, it's weird and I like weird so regardless it is a keeper. Btw, in the same mailing there was also an 87 like it but the ring was not as wide.
  11. Well, probably just me but I would keep the 64. The decade of the 60's produced some really bad, poorly struck, coins and that is probably one of the nicest I've seen. Granted I haven't been doing this very long but in my year+ I have sure looked at a lot of 1960's Lincoln's. This might help you decide if it is an SMS Set and whether or not you want to keep it. Sorry for butting in Tom, I just like the look of it. Check out this 1964 1C SMS, RD on PCGS CoinFacts! https://www.pcgs.com/coinfacts/coin/3284
  12. I too found a sweet Franklin. It is a proof but no toning. I would love to have a nicely toned coin of any denomination. But hey, with the right colors around I make them look real good. Lol
  13. But how can I know that it wasn't struck on a Quarter or Half Dollar like with the 1987 Nickels?