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  1. Ha! Too cool. I was just googling Alloy Clash and my own question was part of my results!
  2. KarenHolcomb

    Supreme Court Ruling Alarming

    Idk about the SC Ruling but about the new tax deal I do, but I was reading that Scots Auction site and it was saying that when buying and selling 'precious metals' that it can be completely anonymous. Are coins considered precious metals? It does say that-I'll attach a screenshot and maybe y'all can clarify it for me?
  3. KarenHolcomb

    Is this 1918 good enough to have graded?

    Terrible shots. Just let me say that there is zero brown on this coin. It is absolutely full, bright, beautiful red, red, red. Ima put different ones up. I also got this 1929 today. It is a very weak strike but also very pretty. I think anyway. Some person_who_is_obnoxiously_self-impressed in FB said that 1918 is only VG and i do not agree.
  4. Welp, I think it is. I think it may be the coin I have been looking for. But alas, y'all know how I do tend to get my hopes up. I haven't really studied it yet, but I think there's some double on the stalk too. Anyway, if I should get it graded, how much does it cost? Thank you all for your input.
  5. KarenHolcomb

    Would you buy?

    Thanks for lookin out, guys. I guess I turned my notifs completely off-just can't seem to get them right. I did not buy the Wheat backs and went to the grocery store instead. I may be bored but I'm not hungry and that boredom it out the window now that I have removed the 1st cabinet from my kitchen wall. WooHoo! I did, however, order 3 rolls for .75 each from a sellor that I've dealt with before. Hopefully there will be a few nicer examples in them, if not, its less than 5 bucks. And I have started to find dealers online that seem to be more reputable than ebay and have been looking at better quality coins. There's also a couple of FB groups that I've joined, one that helps to teach about buying and selling and one that is all about buying and selling, and I have been observing them for about a week now and maybe in a month or so I'll be ready to get my feet wet. Thanks again.
  6. KarenHolcomb

    Would you buy?

    Hey Y'all, I am sorry to ask but i rwally am low on cash but think I found a decent deal but it is time sensitive and I need someone else's opinion. If you could purchase complete rolls of Wheat Cents from all mints from each year from 1950 to 1959 for 50 bucks, sight unseen, would you? I really would appreciate anybody advice.
  7. KarenHolcomb

    Isn't my 73D Cent lovely?

    Ok. Idk how to make them bigger. I was lucky to get them to upload at all. Thanks for trying JB.
  8. Ok, with a find that is actually discussed and pictured in Sullivans Error-Ref.com I couldn't possibly stay away from my favorite forum any longer. That said, this Memorial Cent also has several other possible errors that I would like to have looked at and either confirmed or disproved. I think it is in fairly decent shape so if it demands premium as a rare error please let me know-if it doesn't please let me know that too. And if so where should I post it or how do I get it graded and attritioned? As you all know by now I am poor and need that one good coin to really start getting into collecting something other than my pocket change. So. The 7 in the date? Doubled? Is that an interior crack going down through the top of Lincoln's head and then out the back to the edge at a NW angle? And the letters on of USOA seem to be about to fall off the coin. And finally in bay #6 by the left knee to the floor? That isn't already listed as a Double Die but it's definitely something. Any input y'all have is appreciated. Thanks and sorry I got all butthurt the other day and I hope it's ok that I returned.
  9. KarenHolcomb


    That was me.
  10. Preach it Capone! Here I am doing what I said I was done with because of your words. Too funny. Made my day. I have my first error. Thanks. Out
  11. KarenHolcomb

    U.S. Coins is on Life Support

    Hmmm...well at least we had moved on from everyone hating on the newbies. Thisbwas the first site I ever posted in and had hoped I only chosen decent, real questions that deserved an answer and always try to be respectful. I go to forums other than the Newbie and read the posts and answers and try to leaarn new things. I didn't start collecting to strike it rich with my pocket change, I started to fill my time, but not already being wealthy as aparently most of you are, I cannot buy lavish perfect ancient coins without first finding that major error first to start funding myself. Hell, when I started I hadn't even heard of an error coin. But once I had then yes, that is what I need to start getting what I want, if that makes sense to any of you. But after reading what many of you think about me and my like i say to myself, what's the point? Why even bother? I obviously can no longer ask about anything I find for fear that I will appear stupid or as a money grubber. Thanks y'all. Time to find a new way to fill my time.
  12. KarenHolcomb

    Account Settings

    Thank you. I have done everything. All was well until I went and changed some stuff a couple of weeks ago and I have went back in there and rralized that I'm not even following the ppl that I'm getting notifs on, but still changed some more. Now the notifs are down comsiderable but I'm not getting any emails. I'm hoping it is all because they are changing things on the site. Fingers are crossed. But I am glad the notifs are down, i only had 5 today.
  13. KarenHolcomb

    Account Settings

    Hey, I sure hope I got my settings changed back so I don't have 30 notifs next time I come back, or else I'm going to have to unfollow everyone I have followed. My email is a mess. Can someone tell,me how to either mark my notifications as read or how to delete them? Also how to delete old messages? Please?