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  1. @ChWitt just a minute ago I saw a post about a 2020 Double Ear on Jow Cronin's FB Group. Guy just found it today so if you didn't already send this one in, you better do it soon so you can get the Attribution.
  2. @Hinkle Hey Dude. I wanted to say that the easiest and quickest way I have found to identify, well just about anything, is to use Google Lens. If you have a Gmail acct then you also have Google Photos, although a BUNCH of people don't know it, and the Lens is inside the Photos. I have been amazed at the Coins, Tokens, etc that I have identified and valued for people in the past years. Has made me quite the go-to gal for people in my groups. But I keep this secret off FB cause I kinda like being a Master at something. Lol!
  3. Right. And I along with many others have the 1st 2 Nickels and hope to get the 3rd. Idk the uncirc set didn't normally release until November, but with everything going on I am curious whether or not there will even be a release.
  4. So does anybody know what the Mint intends to do about the 3rd W Nickel that was supposed to go with this years Uncirculated Coin Sets?
  5. Hey, hey! Props to our own @DWLange for his article on the 1960 Lincoln Cent in, I believe, the December 2019 Edition of CoinWeek. It's nearly a year later and is still appearing in the Google news feed on Android devices. That tells me it is quite popular and it's no wonder as it is well written and informative for us newbies and I'm sure even the more experienced collector might pick up some tidbit of information he may not have been aware of before. I especially enjoyed the bit of Numismatic history that was entwined into the article, namely how the Mint trued to deny there was a difference at all. Great job Sir! Always a pleasure to read your writing's. https://coinweek.com/coins/error-coins/the-1960-small-date-cent-the-coin-that-kicked-off-a-collecting-frenzy/
  6. That's not what I meant Kurt. I thought maybe you had heard of it being found on the 2020's. I haven't been keeping up with the Shield Cent errors.
  7. @VKurtB Yes Sir, I thought finning too, but I had all mine labeled as Collar Clash right up until I spent them all. Lol! Hard times. It could be either and neither error adds value.
  8. Sure does look interesting. I'm not much into Shield Cents but I don't recall ever seeing one with doubling on the ONE CENT. I think they usually are as extra lines of the shield and extra thickness of the letters, which btw seem generic to me but maybe that's cause I never see it.
  9. With the 2020's just now being attributed I dare to say it is not a doubled ear but rather a void in the strike like with too much grease. But at $4 to send it in, I'd send it in. Or you could ask @DWLange at the ask NGC/NCS forum what he thinks. He's super knowledgable about errors. And then there is always the option to email Wiles at Varietyvista.com He's pretty good at returning emails. Regardless, you should hold onto to it until you get a more certain answer.
  10. I often wondered how you prove you have a 1st Strike? Are those automatically slabbed?
  11. @SherylZ22 coinbuf has a most valid point. We generally don't give a post much time without photos of at least both sides and preferably close ups of the questioned area. That said I am responding because I THINK I know what you are talking about because I am sure to have sorted 1000's of State and Park Quarters and seen it 10p's of times, and it is called Collar Clash. It is quite common with the Quarter and the more you look at the more you'll see it. And so there is no extra value there. Most times it doesn't span the entire Rim and you will likely see more of the Copper color in that area of the Rim. BUT...without seeing your coin I really cant say for sure if that us what is going on or not. https://www.coinworld.com/news/precious-metals/_double-rims_-and-false-rims-arise-in-many-circumstances.html
  12. @VKurtB, thanks. Nice to read you as well Sir. Yes, I have the SMS Sets and you are correct. In my defense, I didn't include the years below 1970 in my comment. I don't look at my coins much anymore but I seem to recall thinking that the QC standards were severely lacking from around 1979 on with regard to most circulating coins struck. I could be off though.