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  1. KarenHolcomb

    Serious Retained LAM or PMD

    Hey Condor, I am just thrilled to have not only seen something as cool but that it is mine. I am really curious as to how something like that stayed attached there since 1966.
  2. KarenHolcomb

    Serious Retained LAM or PMD

    Ihy Maulemall. Want another? Lol! I have a few but nothing quite this drastic and none with the metal just kind of hanging there. I am pretty stoked about having it. Spoon JKK, that was mouthful, huh? I think you have picked up on quite a bit more knowledge of errors than you're willing to admit. Just saying. You know, you probably have answered or commented on 95% of the posts that I've made here. I've never had you steer me wrong either. So there! I do know one guy that only collects errors. I haven't seen him online for a week or so but am hoping that he sees my 1966 Lincoln Cent with the Retained Lamination Error real soon and maybe be interested in it. Fingers crossed. I really have zero idea how ebay works so either someone will see it or I'll have it forever. Either way, I'm happy.
  3. KarenHolcomb

    Serious Retained LAM or PMD

    JKK! Good to see you Sir. I hope you have been well? I must admit that I am here quite often reading through the postings and am always happy to see you and a couole of the other guys. Now onto the business at hand...you make good points, although at first I thought it was done in a vice and because people just get bored. But now I do believe it is an actual Mint Error that is actually worth a premium, imagine that, since the coin itself isn't in terrible condition. Dude said that to the right buyer I could get $15-20 for it! If only I had a clue as to where to start with trying to unload it. Somehow I doubt the right person is just going to pop up in front of me. What I do know is that $20 is almost enough to purchase one of the Buffalo Nickels I need. I am super stoked, btw, and thanks for responding. I do think you know much more than you let on.
  4. Hey Guys. Y'all know I only come over for the big stuff so your time can be spent with others. Gosh I'm so considerate. Lol! Now to the business in my hand... I was sure this was PMD because I would never be fortunate enough to find something so awesome. But a couple people have said it's def a RetainedLamination Error. Mind you that the one piece is movable, and I am being careful with it. I did an edit and tried to highlight all the areas I see as unusual. Almost makes me think of the spider web error I've seen on a couple of websites. So whatever you guys think, please put those thoughts into words and add them to this posting. Thanks so much.
  5. So I can't find a more recent thread for posting our most recent acquisitions, so I will post it here since this is the Forum that I am in most. I purchased this beauty from someone here in our forums and I couldn't be happy with her. It isn't a Key Date or anything that would make her special to you guys, but being my first she is very special to me. If anyone else wants to share something you are especially proud of, I'm sure we'd all like to see it.
  6. Just here wanting to share my joy. Maybe some of you guys remember the Coins of the 20th Century template that I rec'd for Mother's Day this year. Well, I just now made a deal on the first coin I will purchase from an individual, because I have purchased Proof Sets from places and will use many of thise coins in this set, and the person I dealt with is from right here within the NGC Forums! It is a beautiful 1921 Morgan Dollar. I thought it would be much more expensive than it was and that makes me even happier. Once I have it in hand I will,post again with photos. Thanks NGC, for being the 1st Chatroom that I had decent guys not being rude so I hung around for a while.
  7. KarenHolcomb

    What would you pay?

    Thanks Bob. I think these are 19, and then there's a roll of 70S BU for $14. Im going to,get them.
  8. I know this is redundant because I asked about some 50's rolls before, but this is different. This guy is selling bank wrapped OBW Rolls BU 1969S unopened, pictures included. Well, not selling so much as auctioning them off. Now this guy is reputable among other collectors, both laymen and guys like Wexler and Wiles and is mentioned in many articles and coin sites and he does have his on Lincoln Cents website. He has a lot of repeat customers and his reviews are positive. So I'm assuming that these rolls are unopened and unsearched. Going on the pretense that they are unsearched BU Rolls of '69S what is the going price. Please?
  9. KarenHolcomb

    '96 Lincoln w/ feeder finger gouges?

    Ok then. Idky Wexler would have called that feeder finger strike through? Unless it would be a very minor scrape. These photos on err-ref look nothing like my coon. Those thing rip a coin to pieces. Thanks guys for making me look harder. Still not sure what it is. But i feel like I know what it's not.
  10. KarenHolcomb

    '96 Lincoln w/ feeder finger gouges?

    Poh, I misunderstood. I thought you said something about the fingers like pulling the finished coin out of the collar when it was done. Guess I should go read it again. Thanks Condor.
  11. KarenHolcomb

    '96 Lincoln w/ feeder finger gouges?

    I'm thinking that there have to be more out there. Unless it is feeder finger damage then it could well be just the one.
  12. KarenHolcomb

    '96 Lincoln w/ feeder finger gouges?

    Hey Coinman, your notif was in Blue! I wonder what's up with that?
  13. KarenHolcomb

    '96 Lincoln w/ feeder finger gouges?

    A typical case. Lol!
  14. KarenHolcomb

    '96 Lincoln w/ feeder finger gouges?

    They are. Idk if they will make much difference if I try to show them to a blind judge with a seeing eye dog. I so look forward to Thanksgiving each year more for Mr Guthrie than the bird.
  15. KarenHolcomb

    '96 Lincoln w/ feeder finger gouges?

    That's what I want to know. Things just like that. Thanks Condor.