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  1. Yes, its a cool piece ,, I was very happy to find it ,, I was going though a hoard of 1983 looking for spitting eagle's,, 

    Then this guy was in the mix ,, best hunt ever and a did find a 74 spitter and it' black tone too ,,keeper for me i save blacks ,, but this will get graded ,, I have been collecting for 30 yrs and have doubles and spitters ,, this is first one footer I seen ever 

    1. 20180124_060643.thumb.jpg.0daa193da2d010224a6b6ef40daa5aee.jpg
      3 minutes ago, BillJones said:

      I would say that the eagle has one claw, not one leg. It is an example of a filled or worn die which is not unusual, but in this case, it's in an interesting place.

      Great photography! I wish I could do that well consistently.

      This coin has nice gold toning ,I'd say ms67 or higher ,,there is still nice tone over arrows where foot should be