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  1. What is the current turnaround time on GSA Morgan dollars? Under what submission type can I submit under? Thank you
  2. Looking to submit an 1878 8 Tail Feathers Morgan dollar, do I need to add Variety Plus to the grading fees or is covered under the Tier that I choose? Thank you
  3. I think die scratches. There’s a PCGS 1884cc MS66+ on Great Collections auctions right now. I feel my coin has a stronger appearance than the PCGS.
  4. For some reason I can’t upload the 1885?
  5. After a long delay with USPS shipping my coins made it home. I’m very happy with the results and turnaround time from NGC. Thank you Lisa and staff!
  6. Thank you for the reply Lisa! Hoping this submission and experience will be better than the last. Thank you
  7. Ok, so writing EX on the package doesn’t make a difference then?
  8. I sent two submissions in one package at the Express Tier but I did not write EX on the package. Package was received by NGC on the 13th. Is my current 2 day turn around Express order doomed?
  9. Unfortunately a few more days turns into next week and by then NGC could be shut down.
  10. Two separate orders are not moving AND even went backwards in shipping. I understand Registered Mail is slow but no movement after 8 days is uncommon. Anyone else having the same issue? NGC please look into this with your postal contacts.
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