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  1. Thank you Lisa. How long before the image is corrected in your system?
  2. Two China Panda Coins with the same NGC Number. I own the one from the Shenzhen mint but the other comes up in the NGC verification. Now what?
  3. Agreed MarkFeld! A numerical grade should be given on cleaned coins rather than just AU or UNC cleaned. Thank you everyone for your comments.
  4. I am attempting to acquire a nice set of San Francisco Morgans and a coupe of months ago I sent NGC 15 different San Francisco Morgans for grading, not the early year commons. I spent the past 18 months acquiring them raw from various sales, coin shows, etc and felt all were uncirculated MS 60 or better with the exception of one or two that would be in high AU 50's. Because I thought they would all do well and they were for my personal collection I requested each coin have the NGC conservation. What a disappointment when I received them back, here's what NGC said. 1883 S $1 AU Details, Cl
  5. Hello, I took the following screen shot from the Collection Manager this afternoon. I have several 2016-W NGC MS70 Proofs that had NGC values automatically populated a couple of months ago but don't now. I also manually entered the NGC certification number of some of the coins and no value appears. Is something broken or are you not providing values for these coins any longer? Thank you.
  6. Looking to acquire a numbered 1890-CC GSA OGP COA card. If you have one and don't want $400 for it let me know. Thanks.
  7. Over the weekend I received back from NGC 15 San Francisco Mogan dollars I submitted for grading. On my submission form I stated I did not want any coin NGC would deem as cleaned or would give a details grade to. I obtained information about this request which could be made on this NGC forum that it could be requested. I understand I would have to still pay for the grading but didn't want any coin they thought had been cleaned or details slabbed. Guess what? Slabbed, I received 3 back with details cleaned and 1 details damage. Why wasn't my request honored?
  8. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions. I'll post an update once I receive them back from NGC on how they did.
  9. Davids5104. Thanks for your advice although not too sound. Morgans at specific dates in uncirclulated grades are rare. Mine are all San Francisco 1883-s and up and are definitively worth grading, one only needs to check pricing guides. My post was specific about what and how to ship, insure and if conservation has been used.
  10. Very good Mokiechan. This is the type of information I was seeking.
  11. Alex in PA thank you. How do you determine how much to insure for?
  12. Hello, I didn't get any responses in the water cooler forum so maybe this is where I should ask this. I have spent the past 18 months really schooling myself on Morgan dollars and grading of them. I have 15 different date San Francisco, 1883-S forward raw uncirculated Morgans I have been acquiring the past nine months and I'm ready to send in for grading. They are nice coins about 63's and up in my opinion. Should I send them in all together? Is there and advantage to doing so? How do most of you ship to NGC, box or padded bubble wrap envelope? What do you about insurance when shipping? I
  13. Hi Bob, Thanks for your reply. The flips are uPVC (Unplasticized). Packaging states they are ideal for coin and storage free from plasticizers. Would they still be a danger? Thanks.