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  1. Just ran across this article pertaining to Roosevelt Dime Errors The "off center strike" appears to be what I have when comparing this photo to the dime I have.
  2. Okay keeping that in mind, I could understand if one side has the resulting "shelf like" appearance, however, both sides show the shelf in some elements and it is evident on the rim.
  3. Not trying to be picky, but you said something about the die bouncing... wouldn't that mean that the die struck twice?
  4. Yes that is some of it... also look at the 9 beside the five and on the reverse the rim from 10 O'clock to 4 O'clock and you'll notice the doubling of the rim.
  5. Well if you were to look at a double die that has been in circulation I would suspect the "flat shelf" would be worn and rounded. Also, I was always under the impression that when the die strikes twice or more times on a planchet that has moved/rotated in place is a double die and does occur during the minting process?
  6. Thanks for the welcome! It's called old age. I am not new to collecting. I had the man's first name on da brain.
  7. Hi, I checked this coin out with my loupe because the edges felt funny. It is like the obverse is almost dished. So I was checking it out and it appears as thought the die struck it twice. I know it is hard to judge by a photo, but what do you think?
  8. True, however he is a master designer. At least he actually creates coins and just doesn't sit behind a desk.
  9. I have two PR70 and two MS70 of this coin. They are the only coins I have that are signed, I just thought it was interesting to have the designer sign it.
  10. Hello, I have noticed that there are a lot of signed silver eagles with various names out there... but of them all, I do not see a lot of Cleveland signed silver eagles... Are they not collectable or are they few and far between?